Current Students

New Student FAQs

Dear Students,

We are compling a list of your most frequently asked questions. Please check this page regularly as we will continue to add to to this list often. Thank you for your patience as we continue to build this site.

1. How do I register in an option or request transfer credit?

The Pharmacy program requires that you take a total of four option courses (one in first year, one in third year, and two in fourth year). If you have previously taken some eligible courses, you can request to transfer your credits from those courses in order to fulfill the option requirements. To be eligible, these cannot be Pharmacy courses or Pharmacy pre-requisites. If you attended the U of A for your undergraduate studies, most courses will apply. For courses taken at other institutions, you can look up the corresponding course in the University Calendar to see if they are equivalent (read the course descriptions and compare). You can request transfer credit for up to four options at the same time. To request transfer credit, contact Rae Beaumont, Student Services Team Lead, at or in person at MSB 2-46 at the Faculty Office.

2. How do I register?

Student services will register all first-year students in courses. This is taking place this week and next. Thanks in advance for your patience.

3. How is the google calendar used for my course schedule?

Every student is registered in one of 6 Blocks in first year.  Information about your block and how to read the Google calendar will be posted soon.

4. When is it recommended to complete the CPR training? Will this training be arranged by the Faculty or are students expected to complete the training independently?

We will accept proof of the CPR and Standard First Aid training any time now. The official deadline is March 31, 2016, because it needs to be renewed after 3 years, which would be the Winter term of your fourth year, so you would be covered for most of your program. The First Year Class rep usually organizes a training session for students closer to the due date, so you can wait for that or complete it on your own.

5. Do I need separate reference letters for ACP and Experiential Education? Can I use the same two references for both?

You can use the same two reference letters for ACP (Alberta College of Pharmacists) and PHARM 300.  Please just ask your referees to provide you with two original copies.