3.2 General Responsibilities

Graduate students are expected to take responsibility for their own program:

Graduate students are ultimately responsible for their own program. During their program, graduate students are expected to devote their efforts to research, course work, and teaching. To ensure successful completion of their program, graduate students are expected to be familiar with all regulations and deadlines.

All graduate students should:

  • be aware of the contents of the University Calendar that relate to graduate studies.
  • ensure their registration is accurate and does not lapse.
  • pay all fees required by the deadlines set out in the Calendar.
  • submit appropriate forms to the Faculty for signature and processing.
  • be aware of supervisor’s, supervisory committee, and Faculty expectations.
  • take responsibility for meeting all deadlines.
  • be aware of possible scholarship opportunities and seek advice and assistance from the supervisor and Faculty in making applications.
  • be familiar with the University of Alberta’s Code of Student Behaviour

Graduate students are expected to maintain regular communication with their supervisor:

Regular communication will help graduate students and supervisors stay informed on issues regarding program expectations and progress. Both graduate students and supervisors have responsibilities and pressures that could create strain on a relationship. To ensure a healthy and productive relationship, graduate students are expected to communicate regularly with their supervisor. Communication expectations for a supervisor are described in Section 4.1.

All graduate students should:

  • maintain open communication with their supervisor, supervisory committee members, and Graduate Coordinator.
  • discuss any problems, either real or perceived, with their supervisor, supervisory committee members, or Graduate Coordinator, as needed.
  • inform the supervisor regularly about progress, and provide an annual report (details below) to the supervisor for distribution to the supervisory committee and Graduate Coordinator.
  • inform the supervisor prior to taking on additional commitments, such as employment or enrolment in another program. Any additional commitment that impairs the student’s ability to meet program responsibilities must not be undertaken without permission of the supervisor.
  • consult with the supervisor before arranging vacations or other leaves to minimize the negative impact on their research or progress through their program. Details of University holidays and vacations are listed on the Human Resources Services website.

Graduate students are expected to submit an annual report

Regular, formal reporting will ensure each student is progressing through the program on schedule. This report will help graduate students, supervisors, and supervisory committees track completion of degree requirements, academic and research accomplishments, and other contributions.

All graduate students should:

  • complete an annual report that contains a brief description of the progress on:
    • degree requirements (where appropriate, the students should also report the date when a program requirement was completed)
    • abstract submissions and conference participation
    • manuscript submissions and publications
    • awards received
    • Teaching Assistantship activities
  • provide a copy of their annual report to the supervisor and supervisory committee prior to the annual supervisory committee meeting (Section 6.1).
  • provide a copy of their annual report to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Graduate students are expected to participate in Faculty activities:

Faculty activities should be a high priority for graduate students because these activities expose students to a broader spectrum of scientific knowledge than can be offered by any single program of study. These activities also provide an opportunity to develop presentation skills and offer possibilities for networking.

Examples of Faculty activities include:

  • Faculty Seminars
  • Faculty Research Days
  • Recruitment Candidate Seminars
  • Final Oral Presentations