2.2 Oral and Written Skill Development (Pharmacy 697)

  • All graduate students are required to register in Pharmacy 697 once for credit.
  • This course should be taken in the first year of a graduate student's program.
  • The course is divided into two sections:
    • Pharm 697-A (Fall Term) students will receive instruction about effective oral and written communication techniques
    • Pharm 697-B (Winter Term) students will practice their presentation skills by presenting a 20-minute seminar
  • The goal of this seminar-based course is to provide graduate students with knowledge and skills that will help develop communication in the following areas:
    • Organizing, summarizing, and preparing research reports
    • Preparing and presenting a research poster
    • Preparing and presenting a scientific seminar
    • Writing and publishing scientific papers
  • For more details, students are encouraged to consult the course syllabus.