Prospective Students

Considering pharmacy? Check out your opportunities.

The practice of pharmacy has grown from the compounding and dispensing of drugs to a "knowledge system" about drugs and drug products. Pharmacy practice has increasingly become oriented to the patient and, accordingly, requires the aspiring pharmacist to possess excellent communication skills and to be aware of, and sensitive to, the frequent need for compassion and understanding. In Alberta, the scope of practice for pharmacists is the broadest in the world. Pharmacists in Alberta can provide health advice, precision medicine, disease screenings, injections and vaccinations, prescriptions and referrals.

Various career options are open to the pharmacist on graduation and licensure, like the following:

  • community pharmacy and consultant pharmacists
  • hospitals and other institutional settings such as ambulatory clinics/primary care networks
  • drug utilization review/drug use evaluation
  • pharmaceutical industry-related positions in research, medical information, and sales
  • academic pharmacy
  • Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces
  • other fields in pharmacy-medical research and development and positions with insurance companies and in government

Are you from outside of Canada?

We accept international students into our PharmD program! Email with any questions you might have.

Program and Admissions Information

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