Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Current Students

December 16, 2016

Dear Pharmacy students:

I am writing to update you with some important news about the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, specifically the bridging program for current students.

The faculty is committed to communicating changes to all student audiences and facilitating access to educational opportunities for the PharmD programs. We plan to implement the PharmD for incoming students in September 2018. The PharmD degree represents a change in pharmacy professional education programs as the first professional degree in Canada – all pharmacy schools will implement the degree and phase out their BSc in Pharmacy programs by 2020. At this time, 50 per cent of Canadian programs have implemented an entry to practice PharmD degree program including U of T, Waterloo, Montreal, Laval and UBC.

Implementation of the PharmD program for current students in the BScPharm program will start in spring 2017. This will be known as the PharmD for BScPharm Students (PBS) program. In its first offering to the Class of 2018, the PBS program will have a quota of up to 65 students. This is based on the experience of other Canadian pharmacy schools who have implemented the entry to practice PharmD program and the number of placement sites we have available.

Current 3rd year students (Class of 2018) can apply to transfer into the PBS program. Students will be selected based on cumulative GPA from Year 1 to end of fall term Year 3. Students who choose not to apply or do not fall within the quota for the PBS program will continue to complete their 4th year in the BSc Pharm program. This means some students will graduate with a PharmD and some will graduate with a BScPharm.   This change will not impact eligibility for licensure as a pharmacist.

Students in the Class of 2017 (along with practicing pharmacists) will have the option to apply for the PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists program (full time or part time), as a second professional degree.

Please read the FAQ section to help answer any questions you may have about the PBS program or other pathways to obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.



Dr. Neal Davies,  BSc.(Pharm), Ph.D, R.Ph.
Professor and Dean