Entry-to-Practice programs in Pharmacy (BSc(Pharm) and PharmD)

Travel Awards

Pharmacy 426/428 Travel Awards
  • Class of 1975 Clinical Rotation Travel Award (Value: 1 @ $500)
  • Arlene and Terry Danchuk Pharmacy Clinical Rotation Travel Award (Value: 1 @ $500)
  • The CareMart Group Travel Award (Value: 1 @ $500)
  • John F and Hazel F Switzer and Family of Edson Clinical Rotation Travel Award (Value: 1 @ $500)
  • Mainstreet Value Drug Mart Clinical Rotation Travel Award (Value:1 @ $500)

For students entering the fourth year of study wishing to be considered for the Pharmacy 426/428 Travel Awards, please complete the application form and submit to studentservices-pharmacy@ualberta.ca.

Fourth year students are also eligible to apply for an additional Travel Award for PHARM 426/428.  Please complete the application form on our website.

For students wishing to be considered for the Pharmacy 305/316 Travel Awards, please complete the application form

International Travel Awards
For students entering the fourth year of study wishing to be considered for the International Travel Award(s), complete and submit the application form and submit to studentservices-pharmacy@ualberta.ca.

International Awards
If you are a non-Canadian citizen and not a Permanent Resident of Canada, but you are currently studying in Canada, then you may be eligible for one of these University of Alberta scholarships.

Transfer Awards 
For students who are transferring to the University of Alberta from another post-secondary institution. (Students with less than 24 transferable credits will be considered an entrance student.) 

Pharmacy undergraduates may be eligible for the following University, Local, Provincial or National Awards. These Awards require application or nomination.

To apply for Placement Emergency Funding Request please click here.

Be North Be You
Value up to $2,500
Application Deadline: March 1

There is a unique program through Alberta Health Services and the Northern Alberta Development Council that offers practicum students in healthcare-related programs up to $2,500 to help them during their placements. This funding can help them offset travel or accommodation costs during their practicum.
Website: https://www.benorth.ca/healthcare-practicum.asp
Application Form: https://www.benorth.ca/assets/forms/health-practicum.pdf