Entry-to-Practice programs in Pharmacy (BSc(Pharm) and PharmD)

Undergraduate Awards

There are over 50 faculty nominated BSc (Pharm) student awards awarded annually.

All undergraduate student pharmacists should complete and submit an Awards Profile annually. The faculty's nominating committee will use the Awards Profiles to select nominees from the awards listed on our website and from the awards list on the Office of the Registrar's website. 

Complete your student awards profile by clicking here.

The Awards Profile webpage is available each year beginning April 1 with a submission deadline of May 15. 

View complete descriptions of the faculty awards listed on the Office of the Registrar website.

Students who do not submit an Awards Profile are still eligible to receive awards. However, the faculty's nominating committee will only consider students, for an award, if all award criteria are met. If the committee is unable to determine that all criteria of an award are met, the next qualified nominee will be considered for the award.

View the Office of the Registrar's Entrance Awards 
For students entering the University of Alberta from high school. This includes students who may have taken time off after high school without attending another post-secondary institution.

Apply for a Continuing Undergraduate Award
For undergraduate students who have completed at least 30 units of course weight at the University of Alberta (transfer and IB credits do not qualify).

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