Entry-to-Practice programs in Pharmacy (BSc(Pharm) and PharmD)

Student Requirements

Requirements for Participation in Experiential Education

There are a number of requirements for students in order to participate in the Experiential Education components of the Pharmacy Program. Please note the deadlines for each item.

These include providing:

Under the Protection for Persons in Care Act, all students attending placement sites within Alberta are required to complete a Police Information Check.  The Faculty requires this check prior to the start of the first experiential learning course, scheduled for the Spring of 2019.

Please note that there is a fee for PICs in Alberta, and that a vulnerable sector check is also required.  EPS has made some changes to help speed up the PIC process. Please visit their website to learn more.  You can apply for a Police Information Check (PIC - also called Criminal Record Check or security clearance check) with Edmonton City Police, Calgary City Police, RCMP, or a local law enforcement agency in your city or town. Please anticipate at least 4 weeks for the PIC to be processed.

The original PIC needs to be presented to the Student Services Office 2-53 MSB by September 28, 2018. Your original PIC will be copied and the original returned to you (for submission to ACP for licencing purposes).  

On an annual basis, students will be required to declare that no charges or convictions have been incurred since the issuance of the students' original Criminal Record Check.  This declaration will be distributed to the class during experiential course orientation sessions by way of a RxPreceptor survey.  Questions regarding this declaration process can be directed to phstud@ualberta.ca.

Read more about the University of Alberta's requirement for Police Information Checks here.


Up-to-date immunization is a program requirement for students in all Health Sciences faculties. Refer to the Practicum Policies and Requirements in the University of Alberta Calendar, for more detailed information. In order to protect yourself and the patients you will be interacting with during your placement(s), you are required to have your immunization records reviewed and updated by a health care professional. 

We encourage you to visit the University Health Centre to ensure that your immunization requirements are met. For more information on how to arrange an appointment, location, associated costs and where to find your current immunization records, please visit the UHC’s Health Faculty Immunizations webpage.

Regardless of whether you visit the UHC to complete your immunization review, ALL STUDENTS will need to have a health care professional review your immunization history and complete the Faculty Immunization Clearance Form 2018-2019 as proof this requirement has been met.  Your completed form is due to the Student Services Office by: January 7, 2019

Note - If you have not had the pertussis (dTap) vaccine since turning 18, you will need to obtain another dose of the vaccine immediately. Only those individuals who have been vaccinated against pertussis after turning 18 are exempt from requiring another dose.

All students must register with the Alberta College of Pharmacists.  The deadline to register as a student pharmacist with ACP is Friday November 30th, 2018.

You can find all necessary information on their website, including the registration form application requirements and fees here

ACP will provide a list of student registrants to the Faculty; students do not need to bring in a copy of their certificate.

CPR Certificate

Students must complete the Standard or Emergency First-Aid and Level C CPR course and submit a copy of their certificate to Student Services by March 31, 2019. This is a requirement and students will not be permitted to enter into the site selection contest for their rotations without a certificate. Students must maintain a valid certificate throughout the program; certificates generally expire every 3 years.

N95 Respirator Fit Testing

N95 Respirator Fit-testing will be organized by the Faculty for students in their second year in the program. N95 Respirator Fit-testing generally happens in late March/early April, costs approximately $30 per student, and is valid for two years. Fit-testing is the fitting of your N95 mask, which is an AHS/Covenant Health requirement in case of outbreaks. Students are required to be fit tested every two years and even more frequently if there are changes to facial features due to weight loss or gain.  Students must have a valid N95 certificate in order to go on their institutional rotations in both their second and fourth years.

N-95 Respirator Fit Testing is coordinated through the Office of Experiential Education during the second year of training.  Should you have questions regarding the process or upcoming dates for Fit Testing, please contact Student Services at studentservices-pharmacy@ualberta.ca.

AHS Information & Compliance Training Modules

Students going to AHS placement sites must complete the AHS Information & Privacy and General Student Orientation modules, prior to starting PHARM 316 (Year 2) and PHARM 428 (Year 4) (must be done before EACH course). A certificate of completion will be issued at the conclusion of each completed module, which must be handed in to the Student Services Office. All forms will be collected during the course orientation during the first week of April 2019. Failure to submit a form within 48 hours of the orientation will result in placement cancellation.

AHS General Student Orientation Module (may work best using Firefox web browser)

AHS Information & Privacy Training Module 

If you have any questions regarding any of the requirements listed above, please contact the Office of Experiential Education at phstud@ualberta.ca.