PHIL 383

PHIL 383: Film and Philosophy
Instructor: Lynn Hughey

Monday 14:00-16:50

This course examines the work of Gilles Deleuze on cinema. We will start by discussing Deleuze's complex theory of movement and time as well as his notions of affectation and rhizomatic energy, and of the "dialectic of intellectual montage" in the "cinema of the brain". We will bring Deleuze's philosophy of film into conversation with avant-garde or alternative filmmakers' works, emphasizing questions of self-identity and disintegration, alienation, social dysfunction, psychoanalysis/schizo-analysis, apocalypse and fatalism, metaphysical ambiguity and the sublime as effect. The films of Bergman, Jodorowsky, von Trier, van Sant, Herzog, Varda, Campion, and others will serve to engage and revisit ideas concerning the viral or contagious body, existential angst, cyborgs and automatons, and the female gaze as a phenomenological or aesthetic construct. Finally, we will consider alternative and art house documentaries and video with guest speakers invited to discuss their works. Preview Deleuze's lecture here: "Gilles Deleuze on Cinema: What is the Creative Act?" (1987):