Placement Record



Dissertation Title
Supervisor Placement
(Upon Graduation)

 Current Placement
TUNA, Emine Hande
PhD Fall 2016
 A Kantian Theory of Art Criticism
 A. Rueger
Instructor, U of Alberta & MacEwan University
ZYLSTRA, Justin PhD Fall 2016
 On the Nature and Structure of Reality  K. Koslicki
Instructor, U of Alberta  
Fall 2016
 The Politics of Incommensurability: The Case of Rorty and Foucault  C. Taylor
PhD Program U Oregon  PhD Program U Oregon
UDE, Donald
MA Fall 2016
 Ressentiment in Nietzsche's Critique of Christianity  R. Burch/M. Morin MPhil Program KU Leuven  MPhil Program KU Leuven
BULLOT, Nicholas
PhD Fall 2015
Tacking and Controlling Persons: Identification for Control in Cognitive
Behaviours and Cultural Practices
R. Wilson Instructor, U of Alberta
 Lecturer in Philosophy (tenure track),
Darwin U, Australia
SANTOS CASTRO, Juan PhD Fall 2015
The historical Convergence of Happiness and Virture: a reading of Hume's
Theory of Moral Motivation
A. Schmitter
Fac. Filosofia, Pontifical
U Javerinana, Bogota
Fac. Filosofia, Pontifical
U Javerinana, Bogota
SARI, Yasemin PhD Fall 2015
Revolutionary Spacing: an Arendtian Recognitive Politics

M. Morin &
C. Kellogg

DAAD Postdoc Goethe U
Professor at the University of Northern Iowa.(tenure-track)
DUKIC, Vladimir
MA Fall 2015
Heidegger on Wonter, Restraint and the Beginnings of Philosophy
R. Burch
PhD Program, U Alberta
PhD Program, U Alberta 
OZCEVIK, Ozkan MA Fall 2015
Conditional Sentences in Belief Revision Systems B. Linsky MSc Program, Comp Sc.
 MSc Program, Comp Sc.
ZHOU,Liaghua MA Fall 2015
Ontological Questions
K. Koslicki
PhD Program, U Virginia
 PhD Program, U Virginia
CLUNE-TAYLOR, Catherine PhD Spring 2015
From Intersex to Disorders of Sex Development: A Foucauldian Analysis
of the Science, Ethics and politics of the Medical Production of Cisgendered lives
C. Heyes
Postdoc (3yrs) Gender &
Sexuality Stud. Princeton
MA Fall 2014
Laughing Matters: Micro-Resistance to Gendered Rationality
C. Heyes
Service Canada
FINNIE, Bianca
MA Fall 2014
 Circumstance, Character or Both? The Intersection of Situationist Social Psychology,
Virtue Ethics and Virtue-Ethical Moral Education
J. Welchman
Employment assessment,
industrial psychology,
South African Road Accident Fund

KERSTEN, Luke MA Fall 2014
 Music Cognition, Internalism and the Extended Mind
R. Wilson MSc Program, Cognitive Science,
Carleton University, Ottawa

MORRIS, Connor MA Fall 2014
Ontology and Agency: Martin Heidegger and the Problem of Reification R. Nichols
MSc Program, Public Policy
Simon Fraser
SEBTI, Reza MA Fall 2014
The Status of Mathematical Induction in an Axiomatic System B. Linsky    
TEDDER, Andrew
MA Fall 2014
Paraconsistent logic for Dialethic Arithmetic's K. Bimbo
PhD, U Connecticut
BALL, Andrew
PhD Spring 2015
Virtue in Context B. Hunter
Lecturer in Philosophy
U of Alabama at Birmingham
(not tenure track)
MASOUD, Seyed Hassan PhD Spring 2015
The Epistemology of Natural Deduction B. Linsky Instructor, U of Alberta
RODGER, Charles
PhD Spring 2015
The Proofs of God in Hegel's System R. Burch
Instructor, U of Alberta
RODIER, Kristin
PhD Spring 2015
Habits of Resistance; Feminism, Phenomenology and Temporality C. Heyes Instructor, U of Alberta
 ABEDINIFARD, Morteza  MA  Fall 2013  The Status of Aesthetics in Wittgenstein's Tractatus  B.Linsky  Ph.D. Musicology, U of Alberta  PhD Musicology, U of Alberta