Placement Record

Dissertation Title Supervisor Placement (upon graduation)
Current Placement
HUANG, Zi Yun MA Spring 2018 A Phenominenological Interpretation of Organisms  I. Brigandt/ M. Morin    
GALAN TAMES, Francisco MA Fall 2018 Intuitions about Cases and Principles: A Defense of Reflective Equilibrium H. Nye    
 NOEL, Roxanne MA Fall 2018 Understanding Universals in Abelard's Tractatus de Intellectibus: the notion of "nature"  J. Zupko U Cambridge  
TABAKCI, Selcuk Kaan MA Fall 2018  Actualism or Possibilism: A Grounding Approach  B. Linsky PhD, UC Davis  
 ZHAO, Yang MA Fall 2018  The Nature of Scientific Laws  B. Linsky    
CHIEN, Emma Peng  PhD Spring 2017 Beyond Cognition: Philosophical Issues in Autism  R,Wilson   Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
HASHEMI, Ataollah MA Fall 2017 How to Deal with the Puzzle of Coincident Objects K. Koslicki  PhD, Saint Louis U  
SHOJAEENEJAD, Meysam MA Fall 2017 Success Semantics; Motivations, Problems and Solutions H. Nye    
SULTANA, Nasrin MA Fall 2017 A Defense of Bertrand Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions Against Donnellan's Distinction

I. Brigandt/
B. Linsky

 Part-time Faculty position, North South U, Bangladesh  
TUNA, Emine Hande
PhD Fall 2016
A Kantian Theory of Art Criticism
A. Rueger
Instructor, U Alberta & MacEwan University
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow,Philosophy, Brown U
ZYLSTRA, Justin PhD Fall 2016
On the Nature and Structure of Reality K. Koslicki
Instructor, U Alberta Mobilitas Pluss postdoc, University of Tartu, Estonia
Fall 2016
The Politics of Incommensurability: The Case of Rorty and Foucault C. Taylor
PhD, U Oregon PhD,  U Oregon
UDE, Donald
MA Fall 2016
 Ressentiment in Nietzsche's Critique of Christianity R.Burch/
MPhil Program KU Leuven PhD Program, Leuven
BULLOT, Nicholas
PhD Fall 2015
Tacking and Controlling Persons: Identification for Control in Cognitive
Behaviours and Cultural Practices
R. Wilson Instructor, U Alberta
Lecturer in Philosophy (tenure track),
Darwin U, Australia
SANTOS CASTRO, Juan PhD Fall 2015
The historical Convergence of Happiness and Virture: a reading of Hume's
Theory of Moral Motivation
A. Schmitter
Professor (tenure track), Fac. Filosofia, Pontifical
U Javerinana, Bogota Columbia
Professor(tenure track), Fac. Filosofia, Pontifical
U Javerinana, Bogota Columbia
SARI, Yasemin PhD Fall 2015
Revolutionary Spacing: an Arendtian Recognitive Politics

M. Morin /C.Kellogg

DAAD Postdoc Goethe U
Professor,U Northern Iowa.(tenure-track)
DUKIC, Vladimir
MA Fall 2015
Heidegger on Wonter, Restraint and the Beginnings of Philosophy
R. Burch
PhD, U Alberta
PhD, U Alberta 
OZCEVIK, Ozkan MA Fall 2015
Conditional Sentences in Belief Revision Systems B. Linsky MSc, Comp Sc.,UBC
ZHOU,Liaghua MA Fall 2015
Ontological Questions
K. Koslicki
PhD, U Michigan
 PhD, U Virginia
CLUNE-TAYLOR, Catherine PhD Spring 2015
From Intersex to Disorders of Sex Development: A Foucauldian Analysis
of the Science, Ethics and politics of the Medical Production of Cisgendered lives
C. Heyes
Postdoc (3yrs) Gender &
Sexuality Stud. Princeton
MA Fall 2014
Laughing Matters: Micro-Resistance to Gendered Rationality
C. Heyes
Service Canada
PhD Program in Philosophy, McGill University
FINNIE, Bianca
MA Fall 2014
 Circumstance, Character or Both? The Intersection of Situationist Social Psychology,
Virtue Ethics and Virtue-Ethical Moral Education
J. Welchman
Employment assessment,
industrial psychology,
South African Road Accident Fund

Part-time continuation of employment assessment work; B.Ed Program, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (part-time)
KERSTEN, Luke MA Fall 2014
 Music Cognition, Internalism and the Extended Mind
R. Wilson MSc, Cognitive Science,
Carleton U

PhD, U of Edinburgh
MORRIS, Connor MA Fall 2014
Ontology and Agency: Martin Heidegger and the Problem of Reification R. Nichols
MSc, Public Policy, Simon Fraser U  
SEBTI, Reza MA Fall 2014
The Status of Mathematical Induction in an Axiomatic System B. Linsky   MLIS Program, U Alberta and working as a librarian
TEDDER, Andrew
MA Fall 2014
Paraconsistent logic for Dialethic Arithmetic's K. Bimbo
PhD, U Connecticut
Postdoc, U Prague, Czech Republic
BALL, Andrew
PhD Spring 2015
Virtue in Context B. Hunter
Lecturer in Philosophy, U of Alabama at Birmingham
Tenure track position, Wallace State College (Alabama)
MASOUD, Seyed Hassan PhD Spring 2015
The Epistemology of Natural Deduction B. Linsky Instructor, U Alberta  
Instructor, U Alberta
RODGER, Charles
PhD Spring 2015
The Proofs of God in Hegel's System R. Burch
Instructor, U Alberta
Instructor, MacEwan U and U Alberta
RODIER, Kristin
PhD Spring 2015
Habits of Resistance; Feminism, Phenomenology and Temporality C. Heyes Instructor, U Alberta
IInstructional Designer, Student Affairs MacEwan U
ABEDINIFARD, Morteza MA Fall 2013 The Status of Aesthetics in Wittgenstein's Tractatus B.Linsky PhD, Musicology, U Alberta PhD, Musicology, U Alberta
PATERSON, Grace MA Fall 2013 The Aesthetics of Mathematical Proofs A. Rueger PhD, Stanford U Postdoc, U Vienna
PONA, Nika MA Fall 2013  The False Only Problem for Dialetheism J. Pelletier  MSc,Computing Science, Dresden/Bozen-Bolzano/Vienna PhD, Program,Mathematics and Computing, U Barcelona
ST. PIERRE, Joshua MA Fall 2013 Performing the (Dis)abled Speaker R. Wilson  PhD, U Alberta  PhD, Philosophy, U Alberta
UNDERKOFFLER, Keith  MA  Fall 2013 Aretaic Assessment and the Non-Identity Problem  H. Nye  JD, George Mason Lawyer in DC area  
STEVER, Kimberley MA  Fall 2013 Distributive Justice and Public Health:Examining Pandemic Obligations to the Global Poor G. Griener  Office work  Clinical Ethicist, Alberta Health Services 
BACHMAN, James PhD Spring 2014 Accounting for Pure Consciousness: An Examination of the Ability of the Representationalist Approach to Phenomenal Consciousness to Account for Pure Consciousness  R. Wilson  Instructor, U Alberta  Computer programmer, Vancouver 
JOHNSON,Christopher  PhD Spring 2014 Political Liberal or Comprehensive Capabilities? A Critique of Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach H. Nye  Instructor,  U of Alberta  2 yr Asst. Prof, Miyazaki International College 
LENART, Bartlomiej PhD Spring 2014 Shadow People: Relational Personhood, Extended Diachronic Personal Identity, and Our Moral Obligations Toward Fragile Persons R.Wilson MSLIS, U Alberta;  Instructor, U of Alberta Tenure Track Research and Learning Librarian at the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, Calgary
DEAN, Megan  MA Fall 2012  When Knowing Better is Not Enough: Experiencing Bodies, Feminist Critique, and Foucault (04/12) C. Heyes  PhD, Georgetown U PhD, Georgetown U
GOODINE, Elliot  MA  Fall 2012  Of The Standard of Sentiments: Hume on Virtue and Beauty (08/12)  A. Schmitter  PhD, U Texas, Austin  PhD, U Texas, Austin 
KUNDRIK, Sara  MA  Fall 2012 Smells in the Library: A moral perspective on the homeless and library policy  H. Nye  MSLIS, U Alberta  School librarian 
MURPHY, Taylor  MA  Fall 2012  Cognitive Homology: Psychology Kinds as Biological Kinds in an Evolutionary Development Cognitive Science(08/12)  I. Brigandt  PNP, Washington U   
SMALL, Matthew  MA  Fall 2012  Matter, Extension, and Intellect in Aristotle (07/12)  P. Corkum  PhD, Western U   
STAIT, Evan  MA  Fall 2012  Escaping "Oblivion": Rethinking Heidegger's Challenge through the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas  M. Morin  Insurance work   Insurance work
THACHUK, Angela  PhD  Fall 2012  The Politics of Coming Out: Stigma and Biomedical Models of Mental Disorder   C. Heyes  Bioethics consulting work in Victoria, British Columbia   Regional Advisor for Vancouver Island, First Nations Health Authority
BUCHINSKI, Alexander MA Fall 2011  Bernard Stiegler’s Critique of and Supplement to Martin Heidegger’s Account of the Independence of Entities (08/11)   R. Burch  Law, U Victoria  PhD, Philosophy, Indiana U 
FEDORKIW, Jeffery   MA  Fall 2011  Compositionality and the Metaphysics of Meaning (08/11)  J. Pelletier /B. Linsky   
OSTREM, Jacqueline  MA  Fall 2011  Media Regulation and Democracy: A Minimalist Approach (09/11)  D. Ipperciel  Research Assistant, U Alberta   
PITCHER, David  MA  Fall 2011  Problems of Extension in Justice as Fairness (09/11)  H.Nye     
WEAVER, Sara  MA  Fall 2011  A Cross disciplinary Exploration of Essentialism about Kinds: Philosophical Perspectives in Feminism and the Philosophy of Biology  I. Brigandt/ C. Taylor  PhD, U Waterloo   PhD, U Waterloo
WOODROOFFE,Sophia  MA  Fall 2011  Where the Wild Things Are: Exploring the Concept of Wilderness & its Moral Implications    Publishing intern  MJ Program, UBC School of Journalism 
ION, Octavian PhD Spring 2012 Sensitive Semantics: On the Clash Between Naïve Semantics and Intuitions (10/11)  A.Morton  Instructor, U Alberta and MacEwan U Instructor, U of Alberta and MacEwan U
LOCKHART, Michael  PhD  Spring 2012  Epistemic Value Pluralism (01/12)  A.Morton  Sessional teaching U of A and MacEwan U Sessional teaching U of A and MacEwan U
TAYLOR, Jason  PhD  Spring 2012 ‘Relations all the way down?’ Studies in the Metaphysics of Ontic Structural Realism (09/11)  A.Rueger  Instructor, U Alberta and Director, Eurekamp!  Director of Experiential Learning for the Learning Advising and Beyond Office, U Alberta, Augustana Campus
MCMAHEN, Ben  MA  Spring 2012  Saving Face: Shame and Bodily Abnormality (01/12)  R. Wilson  Site Developer, Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada Computer Programmer, self-employed   
BUENTING, Joel PhD   The Erotetic Epistemology: A Primer (06/11) A. Morton Employed in Civil Service Job    
BULEANDRA, Andrei  PhD   The Prescriptivity of Conscious Belief (04/11)  A. Morton  Fiction Writer   
DuBOZY, Peter  MA   Holy Intertextual Identity Conditions, Batman! (09/10)  B. Linsky  Independent business  Bank Work
FLOOD, Michael  MA   The Problem of Temporary Intrinsics (06/11)  P. Corkum  Freelance writing and editing  Freelance writing and communications manager, BioAlberta 
GLASS, Jordan  MA   The Hither Side of Good and Evil: Desire and the Will to Power (04/11)  R. Burch/
M. Morin 
PhD, Philosophy, Fordham NYC & Sessional instructor Concordia University Montreal.  
HAYMAN, Edward  MA    Personal Identity as a Social Concept (08/10)  W. Cooper  Retired   
KARDOSH, John  MA    Deficient Causation in Leibniz (05/11)  A. Schmitter  Canada Post  PhD,  UCLA 
VIZEAU, Brent  MA   Badiou, Political Nihilism and a Small-Scale Solution (08/10)  M. Morin  PhD, Philosophy, Western U  Construction work 
SIMPSON, John  PhD    Simulating Strategic Rationality (04/10)  A. Morton  Postdoctoral Fellowship, Humanities Computing, U Alberta, Instructor, U Alberta and Compu Canada  Postdoctoral Fellowship, Humanities Computing, U of A Instructor, U of Alberta and Compu Canada 
BUIJS, Peter  MA    On the Relationship Between Historical Faith and Rational Religion (06/10)  R. Burch  Law Program, Alberta Articling with local law firm  Associate, Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer, Edmonton
CONTREIRAS, Andrew  MA    Moral Virtues Require Intellectual Virtues: A Case for Intellectual Virtues in Ethics (04/10)  A. Morton/
J. Welchman 
Law School, California   
HARTFORD, Sean  MA    Heidegger’s Critique of the Cartesian Problem of Skepticism (04/10)    Law, U Alberta   Associate, Dawson, Ducette, Garcia & Johnson
MACLEOD, Damon  MA    Ethics for Dark Times (06/10)  R. Burch  Law, U Alberta   Associate, Moreau & Company
TUNA, Emine  MA    Location, Location, Location: Locating the Deduction in Kant’s Third Critique (12/09)  A. Rueger  PhD, U of Alberta  Instructor, U Alberta 
WEBER, Greg  MA    The Development of Thomas Hobbes' Religious-Politico Thought (05/10)  A. Schmitter  Law, U of Alberta   
WOO, J.  MA    Understanding National Authenticity (09/09)  D. Ipperciel  Foreign Service Officer, Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.  Foreign Service Officer, Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 
ETIEYIBO, Edwin  PhD   David Gauthier’s Moral Contractarianism and the Problem of Secession (07/09)  W. Cooper  Assistant Professor equivalent (tenure-track), U  of A Witwatersrand, South Africa  Associate Professor, U Witwatersrand, South Africa 
ISLAM, Shaheen  PhD    Stuff, Universals, and Things: some themes from metaphysics (06/09) A. Morton  Returned to assistant professorship (tenure-track) in Bangladesh   Returned to assistant professorship (tenure-track) in Bangladesh  
FOWKE, Julian  MA   Rule-Following, Meaning, and Thinking About Thought (08/09)  B. Hunter     
JALEA, Justin  MA    Calibrating Intuition: A Defense of Standard Philosophical Analysis (07/09)  A. Morton  Sheldon Chumir Institute Internship MA, Human Rights, Columbia U
HADJIANTONIOU, Aristotle  MA   Many-Sorted Free Logic (01/09)  A.Mortan    Deceased
ROHEL, Jaclyn MA    Food and Philosophy: Eating as a Way of Life (09/08)  C. Heyes/
J. Welchman 
PhD, Food Studies, New York U PhD, Food Studies, New York U
ROSS, Andrew  MA    AD/HD, Ethics and Social Justice (12/08)  J. Welchman  PhD, Philosophy, Queens
Junior Clinical Ethicist with Alberta Health Services
MOUSAVIAN, Seyed  PhD    Empty Names and Neo-Russellianism (05/08)  B. Linsky/
A. Morton 
Assistant Professor, Tehran, Iran  Secondment to Gothenberg, Sweden 
ALLAN, Curtis  MA    The Crisis of Nihilism and the Question of Technology: A Heideggerian Perspective (08/08)  R. Burch  Fine furniture design business  Allan-Dymarz Studio (Arts & Crafts Designs) 
BARRETTE, Paul  MA    The Rationality of Self-Revolutions (05/08)  A. Morton  Law Program, U of Alberta Lawyer  
BURI CHOY, Stephanie  MA    When We Should Know Better: Investigative Virtues and Moral Blameworthiness for Ignorance (07/08)  A. Morton/
J. Welchman 
Employment counsellor, City of Winnipeg  Manitoba Program Counsellor, govt of Manitoba 
GAMEZ, Patrick MA    The Ends of Law: Walter Benjamin’s Conception of History (05/08)  R. Burch  PhD Program, Notre Dame U  Visiting Assistant Professor (non-tenured) Missouri U Science & Technology
MCPIKE, David MA    Historicity, Truth, and the Possibility of Philosophy (12/07)  R. Burch  PhD Program, Ottawa Finished PhD in 2015  Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
RALSTON, Laurel  MA    A Derridean Approach to Musical Identity (01/08)  R. Burch Professional musician and festival organizer  PhD Program in Cultural Meditations, Carleton U