Teaching Mentor Program

Teaching-Mentor Program for Graduate Student Instructors

The Department of Philosophy offers a Teaching-Mentor program that is intended to support graduate student instruction by linking graduate student instructors (especially novice instructors) with teaching mentors drawn from the ranks of the department's continuing faculty. All first-time graduate student instructors of philosophy courses offered through this department will be assigned a mentor by the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies. More experienced graduate student instructors who are teaching a new course or want to get more feedback on their teaching can also request a mentor by contacting the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies.

Your teaching mentor will work with you on your syllabus, reading list, and assignment structure. He or she will be available throughout the term to answer teaching-related questions, will visit one of your classes and give you feedback to improve your teaching. Finally, he or she will prepare a written assessment of your teaching for the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies.