Upcoming Hume Conference Features Many Alberta Connections (Free Registration!)

18 June 2021

The 47th annual Hume Society Conference takes place July 6-11, hosted by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. Among the presenters are a number of U of A students and faculty: doctoral students Taro Okamura and Danielle Brown are presenting papers, as are Professors Jennifer Welchman and Amy Schmitter. Most importantly, the conference was organized in large part by Juan S. Santos (Alberta, Ph.D., 2015), currently a professor at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

The conference will take place on-line, through Zoom. Attending any sessions requires advance registration (by July 3 or before), but registration is free.
The link to conference information, schedule and registration is here: https://www.javeriana.edu.co/hume-conference

The organizing committee has done an outstanding job at setting up on-line alternatives to the usual conference festivities, including chances for socializing and videos about Colombian culture (coffee! Salsa! Caribbean islands!), as well as commissioning the wonderful (and very authentic) picture of Hume drinking coffee in front of the monastery on Monserrate in Bogotá. The whole committee deserves congratulations, particularly Juan. If you register, you may be able to congratulate him in (virtual) person!