Pandas Hockey wins eighth U SPORTS Championship

Rookie defenceman Taylor Kezama scores in double overtime to give Alberta their first national championship since 2010

UAlberta ranks #10 in the world on sports-related subjects

Dean Kerry Mummery attributes to decades of success of UAlberta varsity teams, teaching and research in the area of sport science and sport study.

Beauty and the inner beast

Self-compassion and digging deeper than physical appearance are key to striving towards positive body image

Research Revealed - March 31

Registration for Research Revealed is now open! Join us on March 31st for this one-day, undergraduate conference!

Dr. Craig Chapman Assistant Professor Video

Dr. Craig Chapman and his team in the ACELab are fundamentally interested in learning about how our brain so efficiently controls our interactions.

International Summer SchoolInternational Students

Find out why the University of Alberta should be your top choice for an international education and discover what it takes to become a student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

Current UAlberta Students

"Go Big, Go Abroad" - Enriching, vibrant adventures abroad provide you with an international dimension that simply can't be found on campus

Free2BeMePhilanthropic support to the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation makes possible everything from student’s financial aid and research to classrooms and labs with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.Giving Projects

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