2016 Alumni Award Recipients

Congratulations to Margaret Jean Epoch and Koren Lightning-Earle for being named 2016 Alumni Award Recipients

University of Alberta Custom Wine Launch

Join us as we launch our newest, custom wine - URSA and URSUS

Assistant Professor Margie Davenport - Pregnancy and Postpartum Health

Studying the role of physical activity (exercise and sedentary behaviour) during pregnancy and the postpartum period on maternal-fetal health.

Changing the conversation around Indigenous body image

MA student Toni Letendre's exploration of Indigenous women's body image earns her an academic honour

Undergraduate Student Advising

The Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation has a strong group of student advisors ready to support students from the time they apply to the time the graduate.

International Summer SchoolInternational Students

Find out why the University of Alberta should be your top choice for an international education and discover what it takes to become a student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

Current UAlberta Students

"Go Big, Go Abroad" - Enriching, vibrant adventures abroad provide you with an international dimension that simply can't be found on campus

Free2BeMePhilanthropic support to the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation makes possible everything from student’s financial aid and research to classrooms and labs with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.Giving Projects

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