North Campus

Access and Usage

Access and Usage

All users must have a University of Alberta ONEcard or Public ACCESScard to use the Wilson Climbing Centre.
  • Students, faculty members, staff and alumni obtain this from the ONEcard Office on Campus
  • ONECard is not required for daily and weekly passes to the Centre for members of the public
  • Members of the public may acquire an ACCESScard from the Wilson Climbing Centre Customer Service.

Who has access to the Wilson Climbing Centre:

  • Current University of Alberta students who have paid the Athletic and Recreation fee have access to all the amenities in the Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) building, including the Wilson Climbing Centre for the term(s) listed on their registration.
  • If a student has not payed the Athletic and Recreation fee for the Spring or Summer term (i.e. they are not registered in Spring or Summer classes), access to the Wilson Climbing Centre must be purchased from the Wilson Climbing Centre. To qualify for opting into the Athletic and Recreation fee an online access registration may be applied for through a Service Request Form
  • Members of the public may acquire a Wilson Climbing Centre Membership to access the Wilson Climbing Centre. A government issued ID is required to acquire a membership

Access requirements:

Types of Access  Cost of Test
Bouldering $0
Top Rope $5
Lead $8

Access prices include GST

  • Purchase of access, valid for one year
  • For top rope and lead tests, you must successfully pass an ACMG examination in order to receive your top rope or lead access
  • You may retake the test the following day if you are unsuccessful
  • Participants in any of our instructional programs are required to wait one day after receiving instruction to take their test
  • You must complete an Assumption of Risk or Waiver of Liability form to receive your access


  • Assumption of Risk Agreement must be signed by parent or guardian of an under 18 participant 
  • Waiver of Liability Agreement must be completed by participants 18 and over
  • All visitors must check in at the climbing wall customer service desk with a ONEcard or ACCESScard and make the appropriate payment if required
  • Students can climb for free* as part of their Athletic and Recreation Fee. Staff and public access can pay a drop in fee, or purchase one of our long term passes. Climbers over 13 years of age can obtain a top rope card if they are successful in the top rope test which can be administered during regular hours.
  • A lead check is required to obtain a lead card
  • In all cases, climbers 13 years or younger must be supervised by an adult
  • Adults with a valid Top Rope access can belay youth under the ages 13 with a belay partner check from a valid Top Rope access user or Climbing Gym Instructor (CGI)
  • All facility users over the age of 13 are required to have their Top Rope access in order to belay each other
Free - Athletic and Recreation fees paid while enrolled in courses (ie. spring / summer classes)