Intramural Sports


What is this page?  

Simply put, the Intramural Need-to-Knows are a collection of info everyone who wants to participate in the University of Alberta Intramural program...well, needs to know! This info is updated every year to make sure you have access to our current policies, plans, and new initiatives.

What's new in 2016/17?

  • Slo-Pitch League: Thanks to the considerable popular demand, the Slo-Pitch Tournament has grown into a full League! The Slo-Pitch League runs September 14-October 20 on Wednesday and Thursdays on Corbett Field, and is the best way to get back into the swing of school.

  • Spirit Ratings: No one has a bigger impact on your playing experience than your opponent, so it's important that they bring the same respect, courtesy, and compassion that you do. That's why each team will be given their opponent a Spirit Rating at the end of every match to ensure teams are accountable for their behaviour on the field. Spirit Ratings are between +2 (Great!) and -2 (Bad), and get combined with a rating from Game Staff to give each team a score between +4 and -4 for each games. Teams with high scores are eligible for shirts at the end of the season, and teams with low scores risk exclusion from playoffs.

  • Winning T-shirts: There are now three ways you can earn a coveted Intramural Champs T-shirt.

    1. Win the championship in the highest level of competition (Comp Div 1) in your League or Tournament. (For Open Tournaments, shirts are given to the champion and the highest finisher of another gender.)

    2. Win the championship of another level of competition (e.g. Comp Div 2, Rec Div 1, etc.) and earn a Champ Shirt Lottery Ticket for your team. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all the lottery winners announced at the end of each semester.

    3. Earn the highest Spirit Rating in your sport's gender grouping (e.g. Men's Basketball, Co-Rec Volleyball). If multiple teams are tied with the highest Spirit Rating, a random draw will determine which squad is awarded shirts.

Where can I find details on leagues & tournaments, registration dates, and costs?

Details about our leagues & tournaments are all available on our website and at

How do I register a team?

Registration is a three-step process:

1. Create your team on

2. Pay for your team through the Customer Service Centre

2. Add your teammates to your IMLeagues roster

What’s the difference between a Competitive and Recreational league? 

We realize that people enjoy playing sports for different reasons; some like the opportunity to play with friends, and some like the thrill of competition. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to enjoy their sport experience, so all Intramural sports have a Competitive and a Recreational league (numbers permitting). 

Both Recreational and Competitive leagues keep score, maintain standings, have playoffs, and crown a champion. Similarly, both leagues expect and celebrate respect, courtesy, compassion from all players.

Recreational leagues are geared towards those for whom winning the game is less important than having fun with those you're playing with. Competitive leagues cater to those who like to play hard, and want to play with others who like the same.

What’s the difference between a Co-Rec and an Open league/tournament? 

Co-Rec events have specific gender requirements, generally in the form of a maximum number of players of one gender that can play at one time. Open events have no gender requirements, meaning that teams can have any combination of genders.

What are the rules on playing playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Playing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Sports involve objects in motion - bodies, balls, bats, etc. - and playing under the influence makes interacting with those objects more dangerous for you and others. Game staff will remove a player/team if there is any reason to believe they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any player in violation of this rule will be immediately suspended from all intramural competition. Exception: For events taking place at a licensed venue (Golf, 8-Ball, Curling, Bowling), consuming alcohol purchased from the venue is permitted, as long as it does not detract from the enjoyment (and safety) of others.

What do I do if my team can't make our scheduled game time? 

If you're not able to field a team for your scheduled game, you can try to reschedule it (well in advance, not last minute). It’s a three-step process: 

1  Contact your opposing captain via IMLeagues asking if they are willing to switch game times. If the answer is yes… 

2  Contact the captains of teams playing at a time you and your opponent would like to switch to via IMLeagues. If two opposing captains AND your opponent agree to switch… 

3  Contact the Recreation Facilitator in charge of your league via IMLeagues to notify them that a switch has been agreed to. You and your opponent will switch times with the other two teams. (Note: the teams in each game stay the same. Only the time of the game changes.) 

If a game time switch isn't possible (e.g. your opponent does not agree to a switch), and you can't find players through either your Unit Manager (see below) or Free Agents (listed in each league on IMLeagues), let your opponent and Recreation Facilitator know at least 24 hours ahead of time that you need to forfeit your game; teams can forfeit once without risking exclusion from playoffs.

How do I join my friend’s team?

  • Option #1: If you know the name of the team, type it into the IMLeagues search bar at the top of the screen. When you select the team, you'll see a green Join Team button in the top right corner. (Clicking that button sends the team captain a request to add you to the team; some captains have set up their teams to auto-accept new members, while others want to add members individually). 
  • Option #2: If you don't know the team name, select the sport and league you'd like to play in from the list on IMLeagues. From the resulting list of teams in the league, select the one you’d like to join and click Join Team. (Clicking that button sends the team captain a request to add you to the team; some captains have set up their teams to auto-accept new members, while others want to add members individually).

I want to play, but don't have a team. What can I do?

  • Option #1: Contact your Unit Manager and let them know you're looking to play! (Confused? See below.)
  • Option #2: Join as a free agent! Log into IMLeagues select the league you want to play in and click Free Agent (above the list of teams). This lets you connect with captains who are looking for teammates.
  • Option #3: Some leagues have a LiveWell team. Registering for the LiveWell team costs a small fee, and guarantees you a spot on the team as well as a team shirt. 

What are Intramural Units? What are Unit Managers?

“Unit” is the term we give to a student group that has a representative (Unit Manager) on our Intramural Council. Most residences and faculties have a Unit Manager, so odds are good there is a Unit Manager out there for you! Unit Managers routinely register teams for their Units and advocate on their behalf, so get to know yours! 

Teams associated with a Unit earn Participation Point and Achievement Points for their Units by competing in Intramural Leagues and tournaments which go towards the Intramural Cup.

I'm not a University of Alberta student. How can I play?*

Simple - if you don't pay the Athletic & Recreation fee with your tuition (or don’t pay tuition at all), you need to buy an Intramural Membership from the Customer Service Centre to participate in Fall & Winter programming. Once you've joined the team on IMLeagues, just bring your photo ID to your game and you'll be good to go! Please be aware that Intramural Memberships are individual, so on a team with more than one non-student, each non-student must purchase the membership. Note: events with small rosters (e.g. 3-on-3 Basketball, Badminton, etc.) have a non-member rate you can pay during registration instead of buying an Intramural Membership.

Intramural Memberships can be purchased for a full year, full term, or single activity, and do not include recreational use of the Van Vliet Complex facilities (i.e. Hanson Fitness and Lifestyle Centre), though those passes can be purchased separately.

Full Year Membership (all activities, both terms): $50

Full Semester Membership (all activities, one term): $28

Single Activity Membership (one league/tournament): $14

*Non-students in Spring & Summer leagues are not required to purchase an Intramural Membership, as these leagues are open to non-students for no additional charge.

Is Intramurals hiring?

Yes! We are always looking for positive, enthusiastic, and hard-working folks to help our program be the best it can be. We provide training for all our Referees, Game Staff, and Event Supervisors, and hire year-round based on program needs. Interested in joining our team? Submit an application here.