Residence Engagement

The Residence Engagement Program puts on events for residents on campus at the University of Alberta. Through recreation we strive to introduce the students living in residences to the Campus and Community Recreation and to enhance the sense of community within each residence and with the University of Alberta residence community as a whole.


Lister Pairs

Lister Pairs Events offer residents within Lister the chance to sign up to play sports with a buddy and make new buddies along the way!

Participants register for the event as a pair. On the day of the event they play numerous games, each time on a team with different pairs, playing against a team of different pairs. The goal is for the schedule to mix and match as much possible, to give participants to play with and/or against as many different people as possible.

Registration Link for Winter 2017 Coming!

CSJ Drop-In Kinball

Drop-In Kinball sessions every Thursday starting on October 20th at 6:00 pm for students at CSJ.

Residence Bowl Series - Basketball Tournament

The Residence Bowl Series pits all the different residences against one another in various sports competitions throughout the season. The 2016-2017 Residence Bowl Series will feature a Basketball Tournament and Volleyball Tournament, each comprising teams from the various residences at the University of Alberta.

Residence Skate Party

Free skate event for students living in residences with live music at the event.

Stay Tuned!

More information on Fitness Frenzy and Stair Climbing Challenge to come!