Clinical Educator Workshops

CSCE offers interdisciplinary workshops (half-day or one-day session) once a year. The details of the sessions are sent to clinical education sites and CSCE appointment holders. Workshops are offered free of charge to Clinical Educators and Appointment Holders.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Student Supervision
This half-day workshop is intended for clinical educators interested in working with students that have little or no previous experience. Participants are introduced to the basic concepts of clinical supervision including provision for feedback and evaluation. A highly participatory format is used to explore the exciting options and possibilities within student supervision.

Challenges in Clinical Education
This half day workshop will emphasize strategies for establishing student/clinical relationships that deal well with challenges when they arise. Practical strategies for identifying and resolving areas of difficulty will be presented in a participatory format. This workshop will provide information and experiences that can be used to build and sustain relationships as well as resolve differences.

Collaborative (2:1) Model of Student Supervision
This half-day workshop is intended for clinical educators who have supervised students in the traditional 1:1 model and are intrigued by the 2 students: 1 supervisor model. This workshop will be a collaborative endeavor in which participants will identify challenges - and strategies - that can be used when mentoring students. Research to support this supervisory and learning strategy will be presented.