Welcome Letter

Congratulations on being admitted to the MScPT (course-based) Program! Welcome to the Department and Faculty. This is the first step in your journey to becoming a Physical Therapist.

My name is Heather Bredy and I am the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE). I oversee the clinical component of the physical therapy program. I wanted to share some information with you about your clinical placements as there are some things you will need to get started on before you begin the program.

You will be embarking on a PT shadow day in September and a one week introductory placement in December. There are two pre-requisites that need your immediate attention.

1. Police Information Check (PIC) / Criminal Records Check


Your Police Information Check must include a vulnerable sector screen, as you will be working with children and the elderly. Please make every effort get this done at your local police detachment prior to coming to Edmonton.  If your last residency was OUTSIDE Canada, you will be required to obtain a local check from your last place of residence. If that local police detachment will not provide a distance check (will not provide a check without you present and you no longer live there) we will need you to complete a form that states that you have made all reasonable efforts to obtain a local check. Please do not have the results sent to us; the results are confidential and should be sent to you. You will need to present the original copy (no duplications) of the PIC and a duplicate (photocopy) that will be kept on your student file.  Please ensure when you come to hand it in that you have both copies as we will need to see the original to verify the seal and we will keep the photocopy.


The Police Check is due by August 23, 2019 and must be dated June 1, 2019 or later. Please note that in some areas PICs may take up to 6 weeks to process. The Police Check is VERY IMPORTANT as you will not be permitted to go on placement until this requirement is met. If your check is not clear or you are concerned that it may not be clear, i.e. you have an infraction, you must contact me as soon as possible at heather.bredy@ualberta.ca or at 780-492-3724.   

2. Hepatitis B Injections and Immunizations

If you have not previously had the Hepatitis B immunizations, you must begin this process as soon as possible, this should be started prior to coming to Edmonton. Two of the series of three injections must be completed before you begin your placement and this needs to be spaced one month apart. Ensure that you bring proof of all your immunizations with you in August (these can normally be obtained from your local public health office). Without paperwork of your past immunizations, you may be required to receive the full hepatitis B series again.  Even if you have had the Hepatitis B immunization in the past, you will be required to have blood tests to check immunity. 

All immunizations can be completed at the University Health Center. They are very busy during the month of August so it is important that you call them prior to coming to Edmonton to book an appointment.  Bring your immunization records with you, as these records will help the University Health Center determine what you need.

To contact the University Health Centre please check their website: Health Centre immunizations

Most pre-requisites can be completed in August when you arrive on campus.  Hepatitis B immunizations, booking your appointment at the University Health Centre and the Police Information Check must be started now.

For more information go to:  Health, Safety and Pre-Requisite Requirements

Your first clinical placement will start at the end of your first term. You will also have a shadowing opportunity with a physical therapist in the middle of the first term. You will complete your first placement – the Introduction to Clinical Practice Week – December 9-13, 2019. This will be an introduction to the clinical world of physical therapy and a very exciting time for you. We will be meeting early in your program to discuss organizing this placement.

  • Your first three clinical placements will take place in Alberta. This is a department policy. You will have an opportunity to request out-of-province placement(s) and/or an international placement later in the program.
  • You will be required to complete placements in Alberta that are outside of the greater Edmonton or Calgary region to obtain the clinical experiences that you need.All students are required to do at least one rural placement and most will have to do more than one away from their home campus.
  • In addition to the course registration fees, students are responsible for costs associated with clinical placements, i.e. travel and housing.

If you have other questions regarding the prerequisites or clinical education please contact us at ptclined@ualberta.ca or heather.bredy@ualberta.ca.

Again, welcome to the program. I look forward to meeting you and your class in August.


Heather Bredy
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education