Out-of-Province Placements

You will have the opportunity to go out of province in PTHER 521, 522 and 523. You may apply to go to any province in Canada ( to QC only if you speak fluent French). Applying for an out of province placement is not a sure thing, you are applying for the opportunity only. There are limits on the number of students who may request a placement in both BC and in the University of Toronto catchment. 8 Students per year may go to BC (4 total in 521 & 522 and 4 in 523). Only two students may apply for U of T. There will be a lottery system in place for these two provinces. You may only apply to one catchment area at a time and you may only go to the same catchment area once per year.

You may not organise your own out of province placement.

If you would like the opportunity to go out of province please complete the request form and enclose the appropriate fee if applicable.