Physical Therapy

Combined MBA/MScPT

Starting in the Fall of 2019 the University of Alberta will be offering a combined Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MBA/MScPT) degree.

Approximately 60% of physical therapists in Canada and roughly 80% of recent University of Alberta (UofA) MScPT graduates work in private practice, some of whom will go on to run/own their own clinic. Physical therapists working the public sector may go on to run programs or seek leadership positions within the public health sector. An MBA will provide a solid business and leadership foundation that will prepare MScPT graduates to own and operate a private clinic, and enable them to more easily pursue leadership positions within the public healthcare sector.

The combined MBA/MScPT will permit exceptional candidates to obtain both an MBA and MScPT in three and a half years. It targets a selected group of physical therapy students who recognize the value of combining physical therapy studies with management skills and expertise. For the combined MBA/MScPT, the first two years are taken entirely within the MScPT program. The third year is entirely within the MBA program. The final half year is then completed entirely in the MScPT program. The physical therapy portion of the program consists of the normal requirements of the MScPT program. The MBA portion of the program consists of 42. Upon successful completion of the three and a half year program candidates will receive both the MScPT and MBA degrees.

Students will be subject to the academic regulations of each existing program, which have already been approved.


Admission Requirements

Enrolment will be capped at 5 students each year. Students in the combined program will be included in the regular MScPT cohort; there will be no spots held/created for combined students.

Interested MScPT students will apply for the combined program in the winter of their second year. Successful students will be admitted to the combined degree, and begin the MBA portion of it, in the Fall of their third year.


Program Costs

During the MBA year, students are assessed MBA tuition. Tuition is based on a per course basis. For domestic students, tuition for an MBA course is currently ~$1,222. The cost to complete the entire MBA portion of the MBA/MScPT combined degree is approximately $19,000.


More information on application requirements and procedures will be available in the coming months. Questions regarding the degree can be forwarded to