Bridging Certificate Program Internationally Educated Physiotherapist (IEPT) Learner

IEPTs come from a number of cultural backgrounds. Previous students in the program have come from either India, Philippines, Nigeria, South America or Eastern Europe.  Practice experience varies widely. Some have practiced only in their home country while others have worked in several other countries on their journey to Canada.  Some have many years of clinical experience and some immigrated to Canada immediately after finishing their training. Many have worked as PT Assistants or Health Care Aides (HCAs) in Canada. Many IEPTs were educated and have worked in a very different model of care than what they are used to in Canada; one where directed practice and the medical model of care are the norm. Typically the IEPTs require knowledge and skills in the areas of the biopsychosocial model of care, evidence informed practice, client-centered care, clinical reasoning, autonomous practice and inter-professional teamwork.  Understanding the cultural and workforce expectations in Canada are crucial to their success.

Some students have not attempted any of the competency exams, some have attempted the Qualifying (written) exam, and some have attempted the clinical exam.

No matter where a student is in their journey to practice in Canada a bridging program has been shown to enhance their success.