Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement Policies

  • Reimbursement claims must not exceed $500.00 CAD per receipt. You can include more than one receipt per claim.
  • Using expense claims to purchase equipment and services for the university is not allowed.
  • University of Alberta Expense Reimbursement Policy

Creating a Request for Expense Reimbursement

  • Complete the online training:
  1. Log in to FINANCIALS with your CCID and password.
  2. Go to Training Resources > Financials Online Training Travel and Expenses > Claimants > Enter Claims > Create Travel Claims - Research
  3. Click on Do It to start the training. 
  • Complete the Expense Reimbursement form:
    1. Ask your supervisor for the speed code that will pay for the expense.
    2. Log in to FINANCIALS with your CCID and password.
    3. Go to Travel and Expenses > Create Expense Report
    4. Print the report and attach the receipts.
    5. Bring the form to the Financial Assistants in the Physics General Office.