Ordering and Returning Gas Cylinders



Call Lisa Pretty at Praxair at 780-702-4977 and inform her of:

  • What you are ordering (type of gas, size of cylinder, etc.);
  • Your lab account number;
  • Room number and location of your lab.


Complete the Preferred Supplier Agreement Form (PSFA), including the:

  • Quantity of tanks;
  • Order number;
  • Signature of the person who holds the speed code or official designate.


Make three copies of the PSAF; write on them:

  •  “Receipt”
  •  “To Praxair”
  • “Returned”


Bring the original signed PSAF to the Financial Assistants in the Physics General Office.



When the cylinder arrives:

  • Go to the Physics cylinder lock-up in BioSci.
  • Check that the order number on the collar of the tank matches the one on your PSAF. Do not remove the collar. The collar must be left on the cylinder at all times.
  • Move the tank to your lab.


Take the “Receipt” copy of the PSAF that you made in A3.

  • Write in the date that you received the tank.
  • Take the form to the Financial Assistants.


Ensure that the paper collar is affixed to the tank. Cylinders with missing collars cannot be returned; your lab will continue to be charged for monthly rental costs.


On the “To Praxair” copy of your PSAF:

  • Indicate which cylinders are being returned;
  • Attach the form to the returning cylinder(s);
  • If you need to split up your return (if you are keeping one or more tanks), make extra copies of the PSAF to use when you return the rest.
  • Move the returning cylinder(s) back to the cage and place it behind the chain marked “EMPTY”.
  • Contact SMS Distribution at 780-492-4122 to request pick-up.


On the “Returned” copy of your PSAF, write the date and drop it off to the Financial Assistants.



Speed Code Changes
Contact Praxair: 
Marg Bouchard, Email: Marg_Bouchard@praxair.com or 
Customer Care Line 1-800-430-7642

Product Support & Pricing / New Account Set Up / Closing Accounts
Contact Praxair Account Representative: 
Lisa Pretty at 780-702-4977  Email: Lisa_Pretty@praxair.com

Cylinder Balance Discrepancy & Cylinder Audit Scheduling
Contact Praxair Account Representative:
Lisa Pretty at 780-702-4977  Email: Lisa_Pretty@praxair.com  
cc SMS - Procurement & Contract Management: uaprxair@ualberta.ca

Cylinder Pick-up
Contact SMS - Distribution at 780-492-4122

Product Order Placement 
Contact Praxair Account Representative: 
Harry Gee at 780-702-4968. Email: ab_specgas_orders@praxair.com 
Specialty Gas Order Desk. 

Account Contact Information Updates 
To make updates on contact name and/or information or if you are not the correct contact person reached for this Praxair Account please contact:
SMS Procurement & Contract Management:
Email: uaprxair@ualberta.ca

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