All purchases require an account code. Please see Account Codes below for details.

Credit Card Orders (orders up to $5,000 CAD)

1.  Placing a Credit Card Order:  Complete the form below and bring it to the Financial Assistants' "PURCHASE REQUESTS" basket.

2.  Speedcodes:  Include a speedcode (and CFI line item if applicable) when you make your request for a purchase and ensure that you have the signature of the authorized financial signator of the speedcode. Also remember, all purchases require an account code.  Please see Account Codes below for details.  

3. Purchasing Options for orders up to $5,000 CAD:

  • The Financial Assistants are your first point of contact for credit card orders.  Other permanent administrative staff may also have credit cards and may be able to assist if it is an urgent matter and no one is available to help.
  • You may also choose to use the University's new browser based purchasing system called SupplyNet to make purchases under $5,000.  For assistance in making your order, please contact the department's Financial Assistants.
  • Faculty Members with research projects with positive balances may also choose to apply for their own corporate purchasing card.  Please see the Assistant Chair to make such an application.  

4.  Non-secure Sites:  Due to recurring incidents of fraud, Department of Physics purchasing cards cannot be used to make purchases via PayPal, eBay or non-secure sites.  To help reduce exposure to fraud, try to identify reputable suppliers.  

5.  Additional Costs for Importing Items:  All items crossing the border into Canada will incur customs charges, brokerage fees and other costs associated with importing goods.  Finding a Canadian supplier can eliminate these additional costs.  

6.  Personal Purchases: Personal purchases cannot be made on a University of Alberta credit card.  Personal purchases should be sent to your home address.  The University prohibits using University resources to handle items that are personal goods.      

Purchase Requisitions (orders over $5,000 CAD)

All purchases worth $5,000 CAD require a purchase requisition to be created and the request to be submitted via Supply Management Services. The Physics Finance Team wants people to:

1.  Contact the Physics Finance Team for help with creating a purchase requisition at finhelp@ualberta.ca.  They would be glad to set up a time to walk you through this complex procedure.

2.  Once you are ready to create a purchase requisition on your own, enter your purchase requisition information and attach a quotation.

3.  Save the purchase requisition WITHOUT SUBMITTING.

4.  Send an email to the Finance Team at finhelp@ualberta.ca requesting that the purchase requisition be checked and submitted.

Low Dollar Purchasing (orders under $5,000 CAD that cannot be on a credit card)

If you are making a purchase totalling less than $5,000 from a vendor that does not take credit cards, follow the low dollar purchase procedure.

Expense Claims

Using expense claims to purchase equipment and services for the university is not allowed.

Account Codes

The university has many specific account codes that can be used to help you track budget items. For purchasing, common account codes include:

For labs
502115 - Chemicals, Drugs and Metals
502155 - Electronic Supplies and Services: parts, supplies, service
502171 - Lab Supplies: tubes, corks, clamps; not for flasks or other glassware
502344 - Scientific Lab Equipment <$5,000

For computers
502342 - Computer Software under $5,000
502343 - Computing Hardware under $5,000: computers, peripherals, other accessories

For other items
502101 - Supplies General: for material goods
502192 - Journal Submission Fees
502203 - Books and Publications
502341 - Equipment < $5000
502401 - Services General: for general services (e.g., applying special finishes to supplied material, custom cutting material, etc.) NOT for professional consulting, engineering, etc.
502444 - Freight, Express and Delivery

For items over $5,000
See the purchase requisition procedure, above.

For all CFI purchases
Account codes and line items must correspond with the CFI-approved budget. The list is typically included in the CFI set-up package. For more information, contact the Faculty of Science Research Facilitation office.

Additonal Links

For PeopleSoft, eTRAC, BearTracks and other online services, visit Administrative Information Systems.

For shipping and distribution, equipment tracking, asset disposal, etc., visit the Financial Services forms cabinet.