Computing Support

Computing support is provided by Information Services and Technology (IST) at the University of Alberta.

How To

Physics Printers

Printing Authorization:

In order to print to the CCIS Printers you will require an authorized print code. This is the same as your copy code. To authorize your print code please contact Sandra Hamilton in the Physics General Office.

Printer Locations:

Printers for the physics network are located on level 2, 3, and 4.

    Located in front of CCIS 2-122 on level 2
    Located in front of the cargo elevators or in front of CCIS 3-125 on level 3
    Located in the mail room on level 4

Printer Configuration:

Note: Configuration is similar across all versions for a given platform but some things may look different then the guides illustrate. If you encounter any issues contact IST.

Windows and Mac drivers for the printers are available on the Xerox website. Please select correct platform version when downloading drivers. For windows use the Web installer option and for Mac OSX use the Print Driver Installer package. 

For Linux please use the following customized print driver.  

Trouble Shooting:

If there is an issue with your printing account you will receive an error print out at the machine, the following are the most common issues.

Common Print Errors:

1. If you receive the following error: "Failed due to invalid account ID" this means the code you used was not correct or entered incorrectly. To resolve this you can:

  • On Windows: Re-enter the code and ensure it is correct.If you are not receiving a code confirmation pop up before printing then your driver has not properly been set. Please refer to the windows driver configuration.
  • On Mac: Ensure the correct printing preset is being used, if you are not prompted for a code confirm the preset does not have accounting enabled. Please refer to the driver configuration for Mac.
  • On Linux: The driver does not have accounting enabled or the code in the driver has not been placed correctly. Please refer to the Linux driver configuration.

2. If you receive the following error: "The account has been depleted", then you have entered your code correctly however, you have not been authorized for printing, please contact Linda Jacklin. If your account is authorized check that you have entered your code correctly and try again.