1) How much will it cost to apply? 

As of July 2, 2014 the fees are:

    • new applicant at the University of Alberta - $125
    • internal transfer or readmission applicant - $75

2) What is the deadline to apply? 
The Faculty of Science has the following deadlines:
    • for Fall term admission to Science in a degree program - May 1
    • for Fall term admission to Science as a Special or Visiting student - July 1
The Faculty of Science does not admit for Winter term.

3) What do I need to have from High School? 

The average you will need to be considered for admission to an Honors or Specialization degree in the Department of Physics can vary from year to year. As a guideline, the minimum average needed for early admission to Science for 2014 was:

  • 82% for a Specialization program
  • 85% for an Honors program.

Note that averages in the University calendar are the minimum averages required to submit an application. Meeting the minimum application average does not guarantee admission; all applicants must meet the competitive average for the program they are applying to.  Competitive averages are set by the Dean each year in the fall.

For admission to specific Honors or Specialization programs in the Department of Physics programs - Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematical Physics, Geophysics - you will need certain Grade 12 prerequisites, in addition to the subjects you use for admission. You can view the list of prerequisites here.