Physiology Graduate Student Spotlight - Meet Mei Hu

Mei Hu came from China. She is pursuing her P.H.D degree in Dr. Zam Kassiri`s lab, and this is the third year of her program.

01 December 2019

Mei Hu is originally from China and she is pursuing her PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. Zam Kassiri.

How would you describe your research (brief)?

Generally, I study the vascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and aneurysm which featured by aortic extracellular matrix remodelling (ECM, the structure framework supporting of surrounding cells in aorta). I study the role of TIMP4 and ADAM17, which both contribute to the ECM remodelling, in the development of atherosclerosis and aneurysm.

What inspired you to pursue your current research?

I was a doctor and got my master's degree in China. I hope to continue to improve my academic research ability and cardiovascular diseases can be said to be the leading cause of death globally, I am very glad to be engaged in this meaningful research.

What impact(s) will your research have outside of your lab?

Actually, the impact of any academic research is hard to visible and measurable, but I trust that our research can improve understanding of the development of vascular diseases, and one day can better cure these diseases.

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting graduate studies?

Believe in your research, find your enthusiasm, and actively communicate with your supervisor.

What is your favorite place/thing to do here at the UofA or in Edmonton?

I really don`t like cold weather, but I love skiing here in winter. Besides, I also like to play board games, like poker.