Convocation Spotlight: Keysel Besa

Congratulations to Keysel Besa, one of our Arts Spring 2022 graduates who earned his Bachelor of Arts as a Political Science (Honors) student!

Arts Staff - 15 June 2022

"I chose my program of study because I have always been interested in the study of politics, governmental bodies, and laws that govern a given society. I also was under the impression that majoring in political science could set me up for success in law school which has always been my goal. What made the study of political science stand out for me is its emphasis on teaching students how to read, speak, and think critically. Some of the best friends I made in university are people with whom I have a deep disagreement about politics."

"My fondest memory was writing a 100-page undergraduate honors thesis which I titled, "No One Can Serve Two Masters: The Religious Conundrum of Conservative Party Leaders in Canada." For that year-long project, I had a chance to interview several members of parliament. More importantly, I had the opportunity to read, absorb, and synthesize a vast amount of books and secondary resources among other research materials which undoubtedly deepened my understanding of Canadian party politics."