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Special Topics Courses

Green Transition in Canada
Pol S 470/540 Fall 2022 
This course takes a critical political economy approach to understanding both the limitations of current policy approaches to the climate crisis (and related environmental crises) and the case for more transformative approaches. Students are introduced to concepts such as “fossil capitalism,” “petro-state politics,” and “climate capitalism” and to the range of actors that are engaged in climate policy battles in the Canadian context. They will have an opportunity to explore proposals for deep decarbonization, democratization, and decolonization that have been largely outside the framework of mainstream climate policy but that have support from climate justice movements and experts in multiple fields related to ecological sustainability.

Prerequisites: This course has been designed for fourth-year students who have a background in political economy, environmental studies, or critical policy studies in another field. It is cross-listed with a graduate course (Pol S 540). It is recommended that undergraduate students have completed at least one third-year political science or sociology course with political economy content before taking Pol S 470. An excellent prerequisite for 470 is Pol S 333 Ecology and Politics.


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Gayeung Doan & Grace Jamieson
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