Certificate in Globalization and Governance

Certificate in Globalization and Governance

The Globalization and Governance Certificate is an undergraduate program offered through the Department of Political Science. It may only be earned in conjunction with a BA major or minor in Political Science, and provides university recognition (on your transcript) of your specialization in the study of globalization and its relationship with the evolving character of governance throughout the world.

Certificate Requirements

While fulfilling the requirements for your major, minor, or Honors program in Political Science, you must complete a minimum of 27 course weights from the list of designated Globalization and Governance courses. These are not additional courses; they are courses taken in the process of meeting your degree requirements, and count toward both your degree and the Certificate.

The 27 course weights must include the following:

1. Up to 6 course weights from these 200-level "core courses" may be counted toward the Certificate. Students who complete more than 6 course weights from these courses may only count 6 course weights toward their Certificate.

  • POL S 235 Introduction to Comparative Politics (*3)
  • POL S 261 International Relations (*3)

2. The remaining course weights for the Certificate may be selected from these courses, each of which is 3 course weights. Please note that the Department no longer offers the courses identified by a red font.

  • POL S 266 Politics of Globalization
  • POL S 303 The Politics of Financial Crises
  • POL S 324 Topics in Canadian Politics
  • POL S 325 Canadian Political Economy
  • POL S 333 Ecology and Politics
  • POL S 334 North American Politics
  • POL S 345 Topics in Globalization and Governance
  • POL S 357 Third World in Global Politics
  • POL S 359 Topics in International Relations
  • POL S 361 Pacific Rim Relations
  • POL S 364 Introduction to International Political Economy
  • POL S 370 Politics of the European Union
  • POL S 374 Politics and Society of Postcolonial Africa
  • POL S 375 Politics of East Asia
  • POL S 376 Topics in Development Studies
  • POL S 379 Latin American Politics and Society
  • POL S 380 Politics in the Middle East
  • POL S 396 Human Rights and World Politics
  • POL S 431 Globalization and the Canadian Political Economy
  • POL S 434 Cities and Globalization
  • POL S 437 Politics of Canadian Cultural Industries
  • POL S 443 Globalization, Ethnic Politics and the Nation-State
  • POL S 444 Global Critical Race Theory
  • POL S 445 Topics in Globalization and Governance
  • POL S 446 Nation-States in the New International Political Economy
  • POL S 460 Global Security
  • POL S 462 Political Economy of Global Governance
  • POL S 463 War and International Conflict
  • POL S 468 International Organizations
  • POL S 469 Ethics in International Relations
  • POL S 474 Topics in African Political Economy

Special Note: In some years there will be special "topics" or "issues" courses that can be counted toward the Certificate. Typically, this will be indicated in the Department's Undergraduate Course Guide and in the applicable course outline(s).

Current, and recently offered topics courses that students can count towards the certificate include:

  • POL S 324 B2 Winter 2018 - Topics in Canadian Politics - Indigenous-Canada Relations (Instructor: Adam Gaudry)
  • POL S 359 A1 Fall 2017 - Topic: Global Governance. (Instructor: Andy Knight)
  • POL S 359 B1 Winter 2018 - Topics in International Relations - The Global South in International Relations (Instructor:Isaac Odoom)
  • POL S 459 A1 Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 - Topic: Modern Terrorism. (Instructor: John McCoy)
  • POLS 354 B1 Winter 2018 - Topic: Peacebuilding after Civil War. (Instructor: Emrah Keskin)
  • POLS 471 B2 Winter 2018 - Topic: Human Rights from a Global Perspective. (Instructor: Sevan Beukain)

Applying for the Certificate
The Globalization and Governance Certificate can be obtained only at the time of graduation with a
Bachelor of Arts degree (or a Bachelor of Science with a Political Science minor). Students who are pursuing the Certificate should apply for it when they apply to graduate. The Faculty of Arts, Undergraduate Student Services (1-17 Humanities Centre) will, upon your request, give you a form to complete. Submit this with your application to graduate. Successful completion of the Certificate will be recorded on your transcript, and announced as a separate credential at convocation. Students with questions regarding the Certificate should speak with theUndergraduate Chair for advice about fulfilling program requirements.