Bachelor of Arts/ Science - Minor Political Science

This program allows students to specialize in political science while majoring in a complementary arts or science discipline.

What Courses Do You Need for a Minor in Political Science?

In addition to completing the Faculty's Basic Requirements for a BA (or BSc), and any requirements related to one's major area of specialization, all students minoring in political science must meet the following program requirements below.

Political science minors must complete 5 courses in Political Science, not including Pol S 101. At least two of those courses must be at the 300- or 400- level. Please note the 300- and 400- level courses require 200-level prerequisites. Normally, students take at least two of the following 200-level courses:

  • POL S 211 (Intro History of Political Theory) *3
  • POL S 212 (Intro Contemporary of Political Theory) *3
  • POL S 224 (Canadian Government) *3
  • POL S 225 (Canadian Politics) *3
  • POL S 235 (Intro to Comparative Politics) *3
  • POL S 250 (Politics of Gender) *3
  • POL S 261 (International Relations) *3

Suggestions for completing a minor:

1st Yr Students: Take POL S 101. This introductory course is a prerequisite for 200-level courses in political science.
2nd Yr Students: Take at least 6 course weights from the list of 200-level courses provided above. In particular, be sure to take the 200-level courses that interest you most because these "core courses" are the prerequisites for 300- and 400-level course in their respective subfields.
3rd/ 4th Yr Students: Complete at least 6 course weights at the 300 and 400 level.

Note: Students in unique situations such as transfer students or those who took POL S 221 before declaring a Political Science major should speak with the Undergraduate Advisor for advice about fulfilling the program requirements.