Bachelor of Arts - Major Political Science

This program allows students to specialize in Political Science (POL S) while receiving a diverse liberal arts education

What courses do you need for a BA in Political Science?

In addition to completing the Faculty's Basic Requirements for a BA, and any requirements related to one's minor area of specialization, all students majoring in Political Science must meet the program requirement below.

Political Science majors must complete between 30 and 48 course weights of senior-level Political Science courses (senior-level courses are those at the 200-level and above).

The 30-48 course weights must include the following:

  • POL S 211 (Intro History of Political Theory)*3
  • POL S 212 (Intro Contemporary Political Theory)*3
  • POL S 224 (Canadian Government)*3
  • POL S 225 (Canadian Politics)*3

Also you need to complete any two of the following courses.

  • POL S 235 (Intro to Comparative Politics)*3
  • POL S 250 (The Politics of Gender)*3
  • POL S 261 (International Relations)*3

At least 12 course weights at the 300- and 400-level, of which 6 course weights or more must be at the 400-level.

Suggestions for completing a major:

1st Yr Students: Take POL S 101. This introductory course is a prerequisite for 200-level courses in political science.
2nd Yr Students: Take one or more of the required 200-level courses. In particular, be sure to take the 200-level courses that interest you most since these "core courses" are the prerequisites for 300- and 400-level courses in their respective subfields.
3rd/ 4th Yr Students: Complete all the requirements outlined above, including ensuring you have enough total course weights for the major.

Note: Students in unique situations such as transfer students or those who took POL S 221 before declaring a Political Science major should speak with the Undergraduate Advisor for advice about fulfilling the program requirements.