Political Science

Neoliberalism and its Crises Symposium, May 2017

Neoliberalism and its Crises is a two-day symposium honouring and building from the career of Dr. Janine Brodie. Hosted by the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta on May 4-5, 2017, the symposium brings together leading, emerging and established international scholars to engage the crucial issues animating contemporary political life that centrally inform Dr. Brodie's research. The symposium offers an important opportunity both to celebrate Dr. Brodie’s path-breaking intellectual contributions and to explore the range of research projects that her work has inspired. It will provide a rich experience for scholarly exchange, contribute to the intellectual networks of emerging scholars, produce a significant edited collection presenting current theoretical and empirical investigations of neoliberalism, and celebrate the career of one of Canada’s most important political scientists.