Conversations with the President

In this short video series, President David Turpin shares his thoughts on the importance of community, leadership and more.

Reflections on 2017

President Turpin reflects on the highlights of the past year at the University of Alberta.

President Turpin reflects on 2017 at the U of A.

The First Year: Reflections

As his first year draws to a close, David Turpin reflects on some of the highlights from the past months. Developing "For the Public Good," establishing the President’s Award for Refugees and Displaced Persons, and supporting evacuees from the Fort McMurray fires all make President Turpin's list of memorable moments. 

Conversations with U of A President David Turpin: The First Year

Community: Diversity, passion, enthusiasm

Since his return to Alberta, President David Turpin has observed that the University of Alberta matters to Edmontonians and Albertans, and that the U of A will play a fundamental part in moving our province and Canada forward.

Conversations with U of A President David Turpin: Community

Leadership: Listen, reflect, build together

For David Turpin, leadership means listening, sharing, bringing people together and recognizing that no one is perfect. The key is being willing to learn while working toward a shared vision.

Conversations With U of A President David Turpin: Leadership

Life's journey: "The key is passion"

David Turpin has followed his passion across Canada––both above ground and under the ocean. From the age of eight, when he learned what an oceanographer was, he has “followed his nose” and never looked back.

Conversations with U of A President David Turpin: Life's Journey