PTJC Webinar Series: The Path to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Approaches in Japan and Canada

SERIES 2: "Migration and Intersectionality"

20 December 2021

Prince Takamado Japan Centre for Teaching and Research, sponsored by the Consul-General of Japan in Calgary, will host its second EDI Webinar dialogue to kick off the Year 2022!!

Date & Time:

Thursday 6:00 pm, 13 January 2022


The Path to EDI: Approaches in Japan and Canada, Series 2: Migration and Intersectionality" 


"Mobile Workers in the Alberta Oil Sands: An Intersectional Gender Analysis"
Dr. Sara Dorow, Professor, the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta

"Too Foreign For Home, Too Foreign for Here: Minorities and Migration in Japan"
Dr. Hyunjoo Naomi Chi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Policies, Hokkaido University

Presenters' bios:

Dr. Sara Dorow is Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. Her research and teaching are in the fields of work and family, migration and mobility, gender intersectionality, and qualitative methods. Over the last fifteen years, her research has centered around sociocultural facets of resource extraction in the Alberta oil sands. Dr. Dorow has published in an array of interdisciplinary journals, and is author of Transnational Adoption: A Cultural Economy of Race, Gender, and Kinship (NYU 2006). She has served in a variety of administrative roles at UAlberta, including Founding Director of the Community Service-Learning Program and Chair of the Department of Sociology.

Dr. Naomi Chi is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy, Hokkaido University. Her area of specialization is East Asian politics, with an emphasis on migration, demographic changes, multiculturalism, gender, ethnic and sexual minorities, as well as human security in East Asia. Her latest publications include, “'Walking in Her Shoes': Prospects and Challenges of Marriage Migrants in South Korea” (Annals on Public Policy, March 2019), “Japan’s New Wave of Immigration?: Focusing on the Strategies of Local Government in Japan” (Annals on Public Policy, March 2020) and “What the Global Pandemic has Revealed about East Asia: From Mistrust to Empathy” (Annuals on Public Policy, May 2021) and “To be or not to be: The Plight of Asylum Seekers in East Asia” (Geopolitics, forthcoming). She is currently the President of the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS), as well as a researcher of the Eurasia Unit for Border Research in Japan (UBRJ) and the Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) project at the Arctic Research Centre, Hokkaido University.


All are welcome. Please register for the event here by 4:00 pm on 12 January. There will be three door prizes!! 

Please watch the webinar here!