How to Apply

Application Process & Permission to Participate

ALL APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO READ THE SUMMER PROGRAM IN KYOTO - TERMS OF PARTICIPATION PRIOR TO SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION. In order to apply for the Summer Program in Kyoto the following must be submitted all at once by the application deadline set by the Prince Takamado Japan Centre (Friday, February 14, 2020):

  1. Completed Summer Program in Kyoto Application Form (Including the names & contact details of two references. One reference must be a Japanese instructor, and the other must be an employer, professor, and/or supervisor outside of the Japanese program. As of 2014, reference letters are not required.)
  2. Signed Permission to Participate Form - This provides faculty approval to participate in a Summer Program Abroad and indicates your eligibility to transfer credit for academic courses completed on the program to your degree. Completion of this form does not guarantee which courses are eligible for credit transfer. Please note this form takes a minimum of two weeks to be processed by your home faculty and it is your responsibility to ensure that the form has been submitted to the faculty with sufficient time to meet the deadlines. Please download the Credit Transfer Details Sheet to attach to your Permission to Participate Form when submitting it to your faculty.
  3. An Official Transcript(s) of all post-secondary work
  4. A statement of purpose in English explaining why you wish to take part in the Summer Program in Kyoto (400 words maximum).

Application Deadline: Friday, February 14, 2020 (4:00 pm MST).
Announcements of Nomination will be made by TBA.

If you choose to accept, you must confirm your acceptance of the nomination by the deadline indicated by the Summer Program Coordinator. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of the nomination. You must complete all application materials online requested by Ritsumeikan University.

  1. Application form (Ritsumeikan)
  2. An official certificate of enrollment
  3. Copy of your passport
  4. Two color photos (3X4)
  5. Medical Form

Complete Application Packages should be sent or dropped off at the following address:

Prince Takamado Japan Centre
201 TELUS Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2R1, Canada