Energy and Environment Programs

Currently, there are more than 7,000 students enrolled in energy and environmental programs at the University of Alberta. A projected growth of 1,000 students is anticipated in the next four years.

Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

  • BSc in Agriculture
    • Major: Agriculture and Resource Economics
    • Courses include: Natural Resource Economics, Financial Management in Resource Industries, Economic and Social Impact Assessment, Managing Market Risk in Resource Industries

Faculty of Arts

  • BA, MA, PhD
    • Major: Economics
    • Undergraduate courses include: Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Economics of the Environment, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
  • Graduate courses include: Economic Development, Environmental Economics, Economics of Exhaustible Resources


School of Business

Faculty of Engineering

  • BSc in Chemical Engineering
    • Oil Sands Engineering Program
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Petroleum and Natural Resources
    • Courses include: Oilsands Engineering Design, Environmental Impact of the Process Industries, Fuel Cells and their Application
  • BSc in Civil Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering
    • Course include: Processes for Public Health and Environmental Protection, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Resources Engineering
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
    • Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology
    • Power Engineering
    • Courses include: Power Systems, Analytical Methods of Electrical Engineering, Engineering of Nanobiotechnological Systems
  • BSc in Mining Engineering
    • Courses include: Rock Mechanics; Drilling, Blasting, and Explosives; Surface Mining and Waste Management; Mining Enterprise Economics
  • MSc, MEng, PhD
    • Graduate courses may include: Water Resources Planning and Management, Petroleum Geomechanics, Combustion Engines, Renewable Energy Engineering and Sustainability, Advanced Energy and Mineral Economics, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Advanced Drilling Engineering, Advanced Resource Economics and Risk Analysis

Faculty of Law

  • LLB
    • Land Law
    • Environmental Law
    • Courses include: Introduction to Environmental Law, Basic Oil and Gas Law, Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law and Policy

Native Studies

Public Health, School of

  • Courses include: Chemistry, Partitioning, and Transformation of Environmental Contaminants; Environmental Contaminant Exposure Assessment; Environmental Risk Assessment and Management; Global Health Project Development

Faculty of Science

  • BSc General, Specialization, Honors
  • Chemistry
    • Courses include: Environmental Chemistry
  • Physics
    • Courses include: Physics of Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Environmental Physics
    • Specializations in Geophysics, Environmental Physical Sciences, Astrophysics, Computational Science
  • MSc & PhD – Physics
    • Graduate courses include: Classical Electrodynamics, Experimental Methods in Physics