How to Apply

  • Check for an exchange agreement between UAlberta and your home institution
    Check with your home institution's Study Abroad Office to find out if your home institution has a student exchange agreement in place with UAlberta. If an agreement exists, your Study Abroad Office will be able to advise you regarding the programs and options available. 
  • Get nominated for exchange by your home institution

    You must first apply to your home institution, and then be nominated for exchange by your home institution before you can submit your exchange application to UAlberta. The procedure for nomination is determined by your home institution – please consult your home Study Abroad Office for the necessary steps. 

    Please note: Acceptance of your nomination does not guarantee that you will ultimately be accepted for an exchange. Although it doesn’t happen often, your nomination could be accepted but your exchange application may later be rejected by the UAlberta faculty or department in which you wish to take all or the majority of your courses.  

  • Review UAlberta course options

    When you complete your UAlberta exchange application, you will be asked to identify a list of UAlberta courses that you wish to take. 

    You can explore the courses available using Bear Tracks, UAlberta's online system, using the Guest Sign-In function.

    Course listings and schedules for the upcoming academic year are typically updated in March or April.

    See course restrictions for UAlberta exchange students

    Bear Tracks for Guests User Guide (download PDF) 

  • Submit your UAlberta application and documents

    After you have been nominated by your home institution, you can proceed with your exchange application to UAlberta.

    Undergraduate students must submit the following items before the appropriate deadline:

    1. Completed Undergraduate Application for Exchange form 

    2. Official Transcripts (English)

    3. Proof of English Proficiency 

    4. Copy of Passport Particulars page 

    Graduate students must submit the following items before the appropriate deadline:

    1. Completed Application for Visiting Graduate Students 

    2. Completed Permission to Participate Form 

    3. One photocopy of the photograph / personal information page(s) of your passport

    4. Proof of English Proficiency 

    Additional application materials may be required for certain programs and will be requested upon initial receipt of your application.

    See full details about documentation requirements

  • Track your application status and receive an admission decision

    Students admitted or tentatively admitted UAlberta for exchange will be issued a:

    •  7-digit student ID number

    •  CCID (computing login)

    •  Password

    You can then use your CCID and password to:

    •  access your UAlberta e-mail account

    •  access Bear Tracks, UAlberta's online registration system

    •  apply for housing 

    When an admissions decision has been made, your may receive notification in the following ways:

    •  in your Bear Tracks account

    •  via your UAlberta e-mail account

    •  mailed as hard copies directly to you or to the Exchange Liaison Officer at your home institution

    •  by e-mail to the Exchange Liaison Officer at your home institution  


    •  After you submit a complete and error-free application, it generally takes 8 to 10 weeks for it to be processed and for an official letter of admission to be released, however, this timeline is a general guideline and may vary based on Faculty and Department. 

    •  We advise against making any financial or other commitments for an exchange, such as purchasing airline tickets, until you have received an official letter of admission from UAlberta and you have satisfied any Government of Canada immigration requirements

Tips for completing your exchange application

 Undergraduate Students 

Undergraduate students will need to be assigned to a “Home Faculty” at UAlberta, so:

  • The majority of courses that you list on your Undergraduate Application for Exchange form should be selected from only one UAlberta Faculty.
  • The first course that you list should be in the Faculty where you intend to take most of your courses

Graduate Students 

  • Graduate students will need to be assigned to a "Home Department" at UAlberta, so:
    • The majority of courses that you list in your application documents should be selected from one department only.
    • The courses listed on your “Application for Visiting Graduate Student” form and “Permission to Participate Form” must be the same and be listed in the same order
    • The first course listed on your “Application for Visiting Graduate Student” form and “Permission to Participate Form” must be a course from the department where you intend to take the majority of your courses.
  • Graduate students wishing to conduct research while on exchange must:
    • find a host supervisor at UAlberta before submitting an exchange application.
    • indicate that they wish to enroll in "RSCH 900" on their “Application for Visiting Graduate Student” forms and “Permission to Participate Forms,” along with writing the names of their University of Alberta host supervisors. 

Students who wish to take business courses:

  • It may be possible to take courses in both the Alberta School of Business and a different Faculty, however, this applies only if you are enrolled in a program at your home institution that incorporates both business and a different subject area. If this is the case, please indicate this:
  • for undergraduate students, under the course selection charts on page three of the “Undergraduate Application for Exchange” form 
  • for graduate students, in the area entitled, “Proposed Program of Study” on the “Permission to Participate” form