Tuition and Cost of Living

As an exchange student, you will not pay tuition to UAlberta – you will still pay your tuition to your home institution.

Fees that must be paid to UAlberta:

  • Instructional Support Fees (certain courses only) - for example, if your course requires art supplies or tools for field school
  • University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP)
    UAHIP is required for exchange students. Coverage by any insurance plan (other than the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan) will not allow you to be exempted from UAHIP.
  • U-Pass for public transit
    All UAlberta students must contribute a fee to the group transit plan, which then provides unlimited access to public transit through your UAlberta OneCard (student ID). 

Payments of your UAlberta fees, such as UAHIP and the U-Pass can be made online using Bear Tracks or in person at the UAlberta Financial Services Cashier's Office after you arrive. 

Cost of Living

Edmonton offers a moderate cost of living when compared with other major cities in Canada. 

Undergraduate Cost of living estimate 
Graduate student Cost of Living estimate