Safe House Program

The University of Alberta Safe House Program offers temporary emergency accommodation for current students and their children.


Who is eligible for the Safe House?

Registered students at the University of Alberta who are:

  • experiencing an immediate personal safety risk (i.e. emotional, physical, and/or sexual harm),
  • facing intolerable living conditions, or
  • financially destitute.

Students will not be eligible for the Safe House if they:

  • are not at level of risk necessitating emergency shelter.
  • can stay with friends, family, classmate, etc.
  • have access to financial resources that would allow for alternate housing.
  • are actively suicidal.
  • are currently struggling with a compelling mental health issue or have a psychiatric diagnosis that would likely impair their capacity to function effectively within the provisions available.


How long can a student stay in Safe House?

Safe House stays can range from one day up to two weeks.


What supports are available for students who need emergency accommodation?

The Community Social Work Team or the Safe House Advisor will provide follow up supports and referrals to assist the student in resolving, in a timely manner, the situation that caused them to require Safe House accommodation.


How can students access Safe House?

Daytime referrals can be made to a staff member in the Dean of Students Office at 5-02 SUB or 780-492-4145. Student Life staff will assess eligibility and connect the student in need to an intake advisor.

For after-hours referrals, or if Dean of Students staff are not available:

  • In Edmonton (Campus Saint-Jean and North Campus) call the University of Alberta Protective Services at 780-492-5050.
  • In Camrose (Augustana) call the Student Experience Coordinators at (780) 781-0305 (24-hour number).

When contacting support:

  • Explain where you are calling from and that you have a student that requires Safe House intake.
  • The staff will instruct you as to where to send the client for intake.
  • If there is no answer, leave a message and wait for them to return your call.