The Programs and Learning Initiatives (PaLI) Team co-ordinates and supports a number of teaching-related development and project grants.

CTL Visiting Speaker Grants

Made possible by the Endowment for Teaching, Learning and Their Enhancement, these are small grants to supplement a department’s/unit’s already funded visit with bringing individuals (which may include scholars, leaders, and/or Indigenous knowledge keepers) to campus whose unique, diverse knowledges and lived experiences will shape, inform, and support teaching and learning within the discipline and/or identified demographic.

Amount Deadline Application Information
$1000 Ongoing

CTL Visiting Speaker Grants)

TLEF Projects

To enhance Teaching and Learning at UofA by substantially redesigning a curriculum of studies, developing educational resources, and/or researching educational outcomes achieved through using innovative educational methods.

Amount Deadline Application Information
Variable amounts for projects up to 3 years ($10,001 - $150,000) Late January

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

TLEF Seed Grants

Funding is available for instructors to explore and experiment with learning innovations in various settings such as classrooms, labs, or clinics. Suitable projects include pedagogical research on existing teaching practices, as well as exploratory (e.g., literature review) and pilot projects of new or innovative teaching and learning practices which could then be further leveraged into larger internal and external grants related to teaching and learning enhancement.

Amount Deadline Application Information
Up to $10,000 Early March Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

TLEF Professional Teaching Development Grants

To enable all persons engaged in teaching at the University of Alberta to improve their teaching skills, enhance their understanding of teaching and learning processes, and provide environments that increase student learning through attendance at short courses, conferences or workshops, organizing an instructional development event as well as others.

Amount Deadline Application Information
Up to $4,000 over 2 years Ongoing Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

University of Alberta OER Awards

Amount Deadline Application Information
Variable amount for projects up to 1 year in length February 28, 2019 Open Educational Resources (OER)