Administration Leadership

Central Administration

Department Interim Chair

Dr. Peter Silverstone
1E7.31 WMC
(780) 407-6503

Associate Chair - Research

Dr Andy Greenshaw
3088 RTF
(780) 492-7319
cell: (780) 667-2599

Associate Chair - Education

Dr Laura Stovel
1E7.04 WMC
(780) 407-6938

Associate Chair - Academic Affairs

Dr Alberto Choy
(780) 342-5334

Assistant Chair, Administration (APO)

Scott Phillips
1E6.14 WMC
(780) 492-9576


Director - Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Alice Leung
(780) 407-1611

Director - Division of Forensic Psychiatry

Dr Alberto Choy
(780) 342-5334

Acting Director - Division of Clinical Psychology

Dr Greg Schoepp
1E5.19 WMC
(780) 407-6895


Undergraduate Medical Education Director (Preclinical)

Dr Ron Oswald
3rd Floor 108 St Building
(780) 342-7944

Undergraduate Medical Education Director (Clinical)

Dr Alberto Choy
3086 RTF
(780) 492-7604

Associate Chair - Graduate Program

Dr Allen Chan
CSB 12-131A

Director - Resident Program 
Dr. Tania Oommen
1E7.03 WMC  
(780) 407-6938 

Associate Directors - Resident Program

Dr. Roger Brown
1E5.18 WMC
(780) 407-6938

Dr. Katharine Hibbard
1E7.03 WMC
(780) 407-6938

Resident Program Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Subspecialty Program

Dr. Lindy VanRiper

Resident Program Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Subspecialty Program

Dr Candace Walker
Villa Caritas
(780) 342-6552

Resident Program Director, Forensic Psychiatry Subspecialty Program

Dr Lenka Zedkova
Alberta Hospital
(780) 342-5555

Director - Resident Research

Dr Maryana Kravtsenyuk

Director Residents Quality Improvement (QI) Projects

Dr Vincent Agyapong
3rd Floor 108 St Building
(780) 342-7784

Coordinator - Grand Rounds

Dr. Katharine Hibbard
1E7.03 WMC
(780) 407-6938

Clinical Director International Fellowship Program

Dr. Santoch Rai

Associate Chair, Clinical Affairs

Dr. Adam Abba-Aji