The Gender Program

Program Director:  Dr Michael Marshall

The Gender Program is an innovative program at the University of Alberta which offers a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of Gender Dysphoria.  It also has an academic role – with teaching and research at its core.

The Program helps persons across the age spectrum who feel that their assigned gender at birth is misaligned with their lived gender.  The Program provides in depth multi-stage assessment and helps persons to negotiate gender affirming interventions to lead their full comfortable lives.  To achieve this, the program offers assessment, therapy and referrals on to other specialties as necessary and has formed good links with endocrinology and surgery amongst others.  It works collaboratively with AHS and AH to achieve those firm links.  The program has a good relationship with professionals in Montreal who perform final stage Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) and with Alberta Health Out of Province Special Programs Unit that approves funding for these surgeries. 

We are a point of contact for physicians and other professionals who wish more information on Gender Dysphoria and information how to make a safe and comfortable space for persons who are gender diverse who use their unique services.

The Gender Program currently comprises a psychiatrist, a nurse, some therapist and social worker input as well as rotating practicum students.  It currently runs 5 days a week on weekdays.  There is the opportunity for individual as well as group therapy interventions.  The program also offers support for family members via has links to community agencies that provide that support.  Its own education series and supports are in development.

The program offers an excellent opportunity for research for health care and allied professionals interested in this field.  It plays a role in the education of learners.  There is the opportunity for electives and we are actively working towards graduate rotations and education and ultimately a fellowship.  The Program welcomes all learners looking to augment their knowledge base in this area.

Patients Inquiries

  • The Gender Program is by referral only
  • Referral from Physician, Nurse, Social Worker, Psychologist and other health care professionals
  • Contact 780-407-6693