Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program

Leadership and Management:
The program Director (Clinical and Education) - Dr. Adam Abba-Aji, University Hospital Site Chief and Associate Chair Clinical Affairs

Director of Research - Dr. Vincent Agyapong, Site Chief Edmonton Zone community mental health.

The program will comprise of an outpatients and inpatients settings located at the University of Alberta Hospital site and associated clinics in the Edmonton Zone. Early identification and intervention, and clinical management in transition from adolescent to young adult will be specific priority focal areas for this program. The program will focus on the evaluation and development of clinical treatment innovations such as e-health approaches and ketamine infusions.

Mission: To provide the highest level of clinical care to those who suffer all
forms of mood and anxiety disorders.

Vision: To be a leading center of excellence in the management of and research innovations in the field of mood and anxiety disorders.

Tertiary program within the Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta.

Patient scope:
Lifespan of those presenting with disorders in this diagnostic domain

Levels of engagement:

The program will be inclusive in relation to clinical engagement and teaching – the downstream intention is for this program to form a core part of a Clinical Teaching Unit at the University Hospital site.
Research activities to be included are expected to range in scope from the CIHR pillars 1 to 4, including work conducted in the Neurochemical Research Unit and Katz Centre laboratories of Psychiatry, the Peter S Allen Neuroimaging Centre and collaborative centre work such as machine learning and data-mining.

Inpatient therapy
The Inpatient Therapy Program will offer a holistic approach to treatment to be delivered over 21 days. The inpatient will provide treatment for patients presenting with severe form of mood or anxiety disorders that will otherwise be difficult to treat in the community.
Patients will have a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment within 72 hours of admission. The inpatient services will include pharmacotherapy, ECT, rTMS, Biofeedback, individual and group psychotherapy, family support, psychoeducation and peer support.

Outpatient therapy

The outpatients therapy will provide services for patients with mood and anxiety disorders that have not met the threshold for hospitalisation, patients who have completed the 21-day in-patient program, patients referred as consultations for diagnostic clarifications and advise on management of complex clinical conundrums. The outpatient program will have a systematised treatment approach to patients with first episode mania.
The outpatient services will provide a 90-day follow-up. The outpatient clinical services will comprise of pharmacotherapy, ECT, rTMS, light therapy, individual and group psychotherapy, family support, psychoeducation and peer support.

Referral Source:
Physicians from all specialities including primary physicians.
Research Scope:
The MADP will support a wide variety of observational and experimental studies. Research will be investigator-initiated and industry sponsored clinical trials.
The scope of research will include: -

  1. The identification of phenotypes and endophenotypes associated affective disorders, the understanding of neuropathophysiology and neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders.
  2. Conducting translational research on affective disorders to find new strategies for treating disorders of anxiety
  3. Identifying ways in which genetic and environmental factors interact to raise or lower risk for mental disorders
  4. Developing new preventive and treatment interventions targeted to specific cognitive, emotional, or interpersonal components of the psychopathology of disorder
  5. Application of current psychometric and statistical theories to advance fundamental conceptualizations of nosology and consequent approaches toward more focused assessment and treatment of the many dimensions and subtypes that constitute complex psychiatric disorders