Finding a Supervisor

For admission to our department, please contact supervisors directly. A supervisor is an academic faculty member who mentors a graduate student in their MSc or PhD thesis work.

You do NOT need to apply to our program before you begin contacting supervisors.

Tips for finding your supervisor:

  • View the supervisors' profiles online. Read a couple of their publications to familiarize yourself with their work. Then decide if their research fits with your background and research interests.
  • Write a brief email to them indicating your awareness of their research and how it fits with your interests.
  • Your email should let them know your intention to apply to their graduate program and interest in working with them.
  • Be as specific as possible; refer to their publications, propose a related project or idea, etc.
  • Tell them a couple of strong points about your background and, if applicable, who you have worked with on previous research projects.
  • Make a case for yourself: Why should the supervisor want to work specifically with you?
  • Be realistic. If you cannot make a case for the connection between your own background/ interests and your prospective supervisor's research, it is unlikely they will see a match.
  • Arrange a visit or video chat to get to know each other.