Resident Committees

Our program prides itself on resident input and representation of residents at various levels of administration. Each year, residents elect who will sit on each committee. Examples of committees with resident representation include: Postgraduate Training Committee, COPE, Alberta Psychiatric Association, Canadian Psychiatric Association, and the following resident-led committees.

Chief Residents

During each academic year there are two Chief Residents, one PGY-5 resident and one PGY-4 resident who divide the duties of this position. The PGY-4 Chief Resident becomes the PGY-5 Chief resident for the next academic year in order to maintain continuity.

Class Representatives

Each class of residents from PGY-1 to PGY-5 will nominate and vote on a representative for the upcoming year, who will sit on the Residency Program Committee. These representatives will attend the monthly RPC meetings and present any issues relevant to their year and/or the resident body to the RPC, and in turn will represent RPC to their peers.

Retreat Coordinator

Each year the resident body holds a one-day retreat. This retreat is an opportunity for the resident body to come together and discuss various important issues such as rotation and preceptor evaluations, program concerns and resident well-being concerns. The retreat is also an opportunity for residents to appoint or elect various committee representatives, and to nominate, elect or appoint a Chief Resident from the PGY-4 class.

COPE Representative

The position of COPE Representative (Coordinators of Psychiatric Education) is a two-year commitment. During that the time, the resident sits on the Residency Program Committee and is expected to attend and report any relevant COPE business. This resident represents this program by attending two national COPE meetings per year, attended by resident reps and Program Directors from across the country. At these meetings, topics relevant to postgraduate training in Psychiatry are discussed. There are often opportunities to be involved in subcommittees to examine particular aspects of training such as safety, evaluation methods, the use of logbooks, etc.

Social Committee

This group of residents is responsible for organizing social events throughout the year including a Welcome Barbeque in the summer, for new PGY-1 residents and family members of all residents. Various other events have been undertaken by the social committee, including a Christmas party for the children of residents, informal gatherings around specific events such as post exams, TGIFs and pub nights, etc.

Journal Club Coordinators

These residents schedule and organize the monthly journal club, including the selection of topics and presenters, and liaise with the Program Office to solicit staff participation. The coordinators are responsible for assembling a schedule for the academic year, and ensuring that each resident in PGY-2 to PGY-5 has an opportunity to make a presentation.