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Royce-Harder Research Conference

The former Joseph R. Royce conference and the former Brian Harder Honours Day conference are combined for a 2-day event celebrating psychology research at the University of Alberta.

Day 1
Brian Harder Honours Day and Undergraduate Psychology Research Showcase
Thursday, April 5 2018
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

Day 2

32nd Annual Joseph R. Royce Psychology Conference
Friday, April 6 2018
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

Come and share your research through engaging talks and poster presentations during this exciting two-day event hosted by the Department of Psychology.

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(Deadline for Submissions: Friday, March 9th, 2018)

Select from one of three formats:

  1. Scientific Café

    This format provides an opportunity for café presenters to engage in an informal and intimate discussion of their research during the main conference. Presenters have three to four opportunities (10 minutes each, consisting of a short presentation followed by discussion) to describe their research to a small group of audience members who rotate through the presentations. Each café will be positioned in a separate location. Look for the Scientific Café option when you submit your abstract.

  2. Poster Presentation

    This format provides an opportunity for poster presenters to engage with conference attendees in an interactive setting, allowing them to get feedback and network with other scholars. Posters will be on display for the entire day and presenters will stand by their poster for about an hour to explain their research to interested participants. Look for the Poster Presentation option when you submit your abstract.

  3. Short Talk

    This format provides an opportunity for talk presenters to share their research and main findings with the audience. Presenters will give a 10-12 minute talk, followed by 3-5 minutes for questions from the audience. Look for the Short Talk option when you submit your abstract.

For undergraduate students: You may choose to present a poster in the Undergraduate Research Showcase (afternoon, Thursday, April 5), which includes an award for the best poster (awarded at the end of the day on Friday). Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to leave their poster up for the Royce Conference poster session on Friday, April 6. Undergraduate students can also submit an abstract for a short talk or scientific café on Friday, April 6.

Brian Harder Honours Day and Undergraduate Psychology Research Showcase (Thursday April 5)

Keynote Speaker: TBD

Joseph R. Royce Psychology Conference (Friday April 6)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sara Hart (Florida State University)

Sara Hart is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Research Faculty at the Florida Center for Reading Research, Florida State University. Broadly defined, her research interests focus on the sources of individual differences on cognitive ability and achievement development. Primarily she focuses on how genetics and the environment interplay to influence the development of reading and math skills. Additionally, she is interested in incorporating genetic and family environment information into classrooms.

Title: Precision Education Initiative: Moving Towards Personalized Education

In this talk, I will summarize findings from two twin projects focused on examining the genetic and environmental influences on reading and math development in childhood. I will then discuss my efforts to make behavioral genetics meaningful for the classroom, cumulating into the “Precision Education Initiative”.

Invited Internal Speaker: Dr. Jeff Bisanz (Psychology, University of Alberta)
Title: TBD