Royce Best Poster and Talk

Showcase: Tia McLean
Title: Cognition in Real-World Contexts: The P2 in Visually Complex Environments
Authors: T. K. McLean, J. E. M. Scanlon, A. Singhal & K. E. Mathewson (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta; Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta)
Sponsor: Undergraduate Research Initiative

Showcase: Stephanie Chiu
Title: Portrayal of ASD in Canadian Media: A Framing Analysis
Authors: S. Chiu (Faculty of Science, University of Alberta) & S. Hodgetts (Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Alberta)
Sponsor: Undergraduate Research Initiative

Showcase: Alyshia Skurdal
Title: Black-capped chickadee behavioural responses to mammalian and avian predators of varying threat levels
Authors: A. M. M. Skurdal (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta), J. V. Congdon (Department of Psychology, University of Alberta), A. H. Hahn, (Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison), C. A. Paszkowski (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta), & Sturdy, C. B. (Department of Psychology, University of Alberta)
Sponsor: Undergraduate Research Initiative

Best Poster Presentation: Krystle-Lee Turgeon
Title: The relationship between eye-movement patterns in RAN and text reading in university students with and without dyslexia
Authors: K.-L. Turgeon, A. Altani, & P. Eberharter (Department of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta)
Sponsor: Beercade

Best Oral Presentation: Brenna Zatto
Title: Teacher-child relationship quality and children's internalizing problems across preschool
Authors: B. Zatto & W. Hoglund (Psychology Department, University of Alberta)
Sponsor: Beercade

Best Poster: Linda Yao
Title: Language and acculturation among Chinese immigrants: Qualitative study.
Authors: L.Yao, W. Hua, M.Chen, X. Zhang & K. A. Noels

Best Talk: Nathan Wispinski
Title: Obstacles when studying obstacles: Interactions between attention and action impact emotional evaluations.
Authors: N. J. Wispinski, A. Singhal, J.T. Enns, & C.S. Chapman
Sponsored by Pearson Education

Best Poster: Jean­Francois Nankoo
Title: The use of shape and motion cues for object perception in pigeons.
Authors: J. F. Nankoo, J. Sawalha, D. Wylie, A. Friedman, Q. Vuong, & M. Spetch

Best Talk: K. Fagan
Title: The effects of localized contralesional hypothermia in a rat model of focal ischemia.
Authors: A. Klahr, K. Fagan, R. John, & F. Colbourne
Sponsored by Pearson Education

Best Poster: Michelle Chan
Title: The effects of taboo­related distraction on driving.
Authors: M. Chan, C. R. Madan, & A. Singhal

Best Talk: Matt Russell
Title: The influence of Japanese culture on episodic memory­related brain activity and behaviour.
Authors: M. Russell, T. Masuda, Y. Y. Chen, K. Hioki, & J.B. Caplan
Sponsored by Pearson Education

Best Talk: Linzy Bohn
Title :Differential processing of emotional stimuli in later life.
Authors: L. Bohn, S. Kwong See, & H. Fung
Sponsored by McGraw­Hill