Post Doctoral Fellows

Photo Unavailable Freas, Cody
Supervisor: Marcia Spetch
Photo Unavailable Gutierrez, Cristian
Supervisor: Doug Wylie
Kaidi Loo Lõo, Kaidi
Profile Page
Interests: I am a psycholinguist; my research combines large-scale item designs, behavioral methods, and eye tracking as well as advanced statistics to investigate how adult native speakers from a wider age range comprehend and produce words. My Ph.D. research concentrated on Estonian morphology; currently, I am working on projects on English morphology.

Supervisor: Tom Spalding and Christina Gagne
Photo Unavailable McFall, G. Peggy
Supervisor: Roger Dixon
Shannon Mischler Mischler, Shannon
Interests: I completed my PhD in 2017 at the University of Western Ontario, where I studied the underlying neural mechanisms of call production and perception in songbirds. My current research follows up on some of the findings from my doctoral research as well as examines the effects of anthropogenic noise (such as traffic and construction) on call discrimination.

Supervisor: Chris Sturdy