Post Doctoral Fellows

Photo Unavailable Gaede, Andrea

Photo Unavailable Gutierrez, Cristian
Supervisor: Doug Wylie
Jessie Koh Koh, Jessie
BS P-557
(780) 492-8518
Interests: My research is in the areas of narrative, self and well-being. I am particularly interested in the extended self, which is built on personal narratives of past and future experiences. Specifically, my research focuses on the socialization and development of the extended self in the cultural contexts and the implications on social and emotional outcomes. As the extended self is contingent upon language, my research further examines the development of narrative skills in different cultural contexts.

Supervisor: Elena Nicoladis
Peggy McFall McFall, G. Peggy
BS P-533
(780) 492-5843
Interests: How much of the cognitive change associated with aging is due to the effects associated with factors from biological (e.g., genetic), neurobiological (e.g., dopaminergic), health (e.g., vascular, obesity), and environment (e.g., lifestyle) domains? I am interested in how these factors independently and interactively affect the trajectories of older adult cognition.

Supervisor: Roger Dixon
Photo Unavailable Nankoo, Jean-Francois
BS P-531
(780) 492-5361

Supervisor: Doug Wylie
Photo Unavailable Sana, Faria
BS P-551
(780) 492-5831

Photo Unavailable Schmidtke, Daniel
BS P-551
(780) 492-5831
Supervisor: Tom Spalding, Christina Gagne