Post Doctoral Fellows

Photo Unavailable Al-Azary, Hamad
Supervisor: Tom Spalding and Christina Gagne
Photo Unavailable Chaffee, Kathryn
Supervisor: Kim Noels
Photo Unavailable Freas, Cody
Supervisor: Marcia Spetch
Photo Unavailable Gutierrez, Cristian
Supervisor: Doug Wylie
Kaidi Loo Lõo, Kaidi
Profile Page
Interests: I am a psycholinguist; my research combines large-scale item designs, behavioral methods, and eye tracking as well as advanced statistics to investigate how adult native speakers from a wider age range comprehend and produce words. My Ph.D. research concentrated on Estonian morphology; currently, I am working on projects on English morphology.

Supervisor: Tom Spalding and Christina Gagne
Photo Unavailable McFall, G. Peggy
Supervisor: Roger Dixon
Photo Unavailable Taikh, Alexander
Supervisor: Tom Spalding and Christina Gagne
Alex Tran Tran, Alexander
Interests: My research focuses on the neuroscience of motivation and self-control with a particular interest in exercise behaviour. My dissertation was on the benefits of a concrete mindset on persistence and am currently studying the effectiveness of motivational messaging (abstract vs. concrete) on EEG activity and persistent behaviour.

Supervisor: Kyle Nash