Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program in Psychology provides students with a comprehensive range of experiences and skills that are important for understanding mind and behaviour. We are a diverse department, offering many different courses in a variety of areas, such as cognition, perception, development, cognitive neuroscience, and sociocultural psychology. Students can study psychology within the BA or BSc degree program and each offers different possibilities for varying levels of focus in psychology (e.g., major or minor). We also have a highly successful Internship Program, offered through both the Faculty of Arts (Arts Co-operative Education (Work Experience) Program) and the Faculty of Science (Science Internship Program). This is an optional academic program for undergraduate psychology students who wish to acquire psychology-related professional skills and experience. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for the program are assisted in obtaining an internship placement in a psychology-related environment.

Graduate Program

We offer full-time programs of study leading to MA, MSc and PhD degrees in psychology. Our program uses an apprenticeship model for graduate training and aims to train skilled and independent researchers who will make significant contributions to the discipline of psychology. Our program encourages early, significant, and sustained involvement in research through apprenticeship-style training, mentored by a group of vigorous world-class faculty members. Our graduate students win many provincial, national and international awards. They present their work all over the world, and publish their work in the leading journals in the field. Our graduate alumni have successful positions in universities and colleges, health care, branches of government, and industry in Canada and abroad.

We invite you to browse our web pages to learn more about our program. Our online brochure will help you get started. Also, please visit our Graduate Psychology Association site for more information. If you have any questions, please contact either the graduate assistant, Anita Mueller, ( or the Associate Chair, Dr. Anthony Singhal (